Vision and Values Opening - Spanish

Date of publication: October 25, 2021

Company: ESOMAR

Author: Alain Mizrahi


Alain Mizrahi


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Vision and Vlaues

Catalogue: Webinars 2021

Authors: Finn Raben, Vanessa Oshima

Company: ESOMAR

October 25, 2021

Research Papers


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Application of the EPI method to the image determination (Spanish) Authors: Enrique Ortega
Sistematic studies on the "consumer's ideology" (Spanish) Authors: Vida Alba Lutzelschwab
The measuring of quality of the telephone services in Spain (Spanish) Authors: José Rial Avendaño, Enrique Carreras, Marina de Jaén Sánchez
Communicating in Latin America (Spanish) Authors: Ana Lucia D' Imperio Lima, Roberto Lobl
Problems of quality with new information gathering techniques (Spanish) Authors: José Ignacio Wert
Psychographic analysis of the Mexican (Spanish) Authors: Abraham Nadelsticher, Fausto Rivero
Sponsorship of TV programmes (Spanish) Authors: Enrique Matesanz, Juan Jose Izquierdo
The systemic approach to publicity evaluation (Spanish) Authors: Marta Vaccarini, Ana Amuchastegui
Validity of consumer predicting variables used in marketing research (Spanish) Authors: Jose Luis Leon, Elena Olabarri
Utilising continuous panels for qualitative research (Spanish) Authors: Eduardo Garcia, Roberto Castro