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Research papers

Transforming LGBT opponents into allies

Are homosexuals/LGBT people discriminated in your country? Why are opponents' beliefs so deeply rooted? In Cambodia, we learned effective behaviour change solutions that can transform LGBT opponents into allies. Learn how.The first ever report about...

Catalogue: Congress 2017: Visionary
Authors: Dany Vinh, Layhour Sao
Company: Kantar
September 4, 2017

Research papers

One is greater than one million

To contribute to society, we usually think about donations. However, if we use our expertise to conduct research to address the burning issues in society, it can bring much more value than we thought.One powerful finding provided by market research...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2016: Get Connected!
Author: Thinh Phan Quang
Company: TITA Research
May 19, 2016

Research papers

Red alert

It is estimated that there are 20 million commercial sex workers in India, and around 80% of these are victims of sex trafficking. Kidnapped or lured from their homes, these women and girls are forced to succumb to sexual exploitation as sex workers...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2016: Get Connected!
Authors: Ram Prasad, Elca Grobler, Sharan Sharma
May 19, 2016

Research papers

Social science research and field work in Afghanistan

Conducting quality research in a country as vast and insecure as Afghanistan is not without its challenges, i.e. high security risks (Taliban), violence, intimidation, corruption, ethnic, linguistic and gender differences, extensive illiteracy,...

Catalogue: Congress 2012: Accelerating Excellence
Author: Rafiq Ullah Kakar
Company: Opinion Research Center of Afghanistan (ORCA)
September 13, 2012

Research papers

Rich new world

This presentation demonstrates how a cultural model was constructed and applied to gain a textured understanding of the new age Indian rural consumers whose lives are significantly different from traditional rural consumers. At the core of this model...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2012: Asia Kaleidoscope
Authors: Sandeep Dutta, Rajaram Senapaty, Kashmira Chadha
Company: KANTAR TNS Malaysia
April 17, 2012

Research papers

Innovative mobile research in developing countries

Observing the evolution of the mobile market, this paper explores ways of leveraging smartphones to perform innovative social and market research through mobile in developing countries. Based on surveys conducted on the iPhone in India, Mexico and...

Catalogue: Online Research 2010: E-Universe
Author: Emmanuel Bellity
October 19, 2010

Research papers

Semiotics of behaviour change

Much discussion about the future of qualitative research has been concerned with our ability to immerse ourselves in the world of the individual, understanding the stories and narratives that underlie beliefs and attitudes. This paper argues for the...

Catalogue: Congress 2010: The Changing Face Of Market Research
Authors: Amrita Sood, Simon Pulman-Jones
Company: GfK
September 15, 2010

Research papers

Beyond the buzz and towards robustness

Using sociology, social networks theories, social psychology, this paper is an update on worldwide data and trends around the social web. Using first-hand original case studies, the authors attempt to demonstrate valid and reliable foundations for...

Catalogue: Congress 2010: The Changing Face Of Market Research
Authors: Thomas Perry, Anthony Hamelle, Oliver Tabino
Company: Linkfluence
September 15, 2010

Research papers

Evaluating social mission projects in emerging & bottom of the pyramid markets

This presentation details the behaviour measurement methodology developed for reliable evaluation of Unilever Oral Care Social Mission Project targeted at children. It details the application of the methodology in small towns of Indonesia, where...

Catalogue: Congress 2009: Leading The Way
Authors: Namita Mediratta, Astiti Suhirman, Raghavan Srinivasan
Companies: KANTAR TNS Malaysia, Unilever
September 22, 2009