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Research papers

Reading behaviour reconsidered

It is in the interests of the advertisers and media owners to know about reading behaviour - either in relation to specific advertisements or with regard to entire media. The problem is that widely-used methods of collecting data relating to reading...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/WAPOR Congress 1969
Author: Robert Fletcher
June 15, 1969

Research papers


This paper presents ground-breaking research on audience measurement across platforms, especially print, using the Arbitron Portable People Meter; (PPM) combined with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).Specifically, this paper addresses four key...

Catalogue: WM3- Worldwide Multi Media Measurement 2008
Authors: Pasquale A. Pellegrini, Adam Gluck
Company: Nielsen
June 1, 2008

Research papers

Between random samples and online panels

Millions of dollars of advertising revenue are teetering on readership and profile estimates of how many and who reads specific daily newspapers. In this environment, how are print media and advertising mavens going to determine when or if to move to...

Catalogue: Panel Research 2008
Authors: Anne Crassweller, Donald Williams, Judy Rogers
October 24, 2008

Research papers

Problems of joint sponsored readership surveys: Italy

Readership surveys in Italy refer only to the periodical press. No information is available as regards the daily press and technical publications . So far as concerns daily newspapers the reasons for this are to be found in the following causes: a)...

Catalogue: Seminar 1972: Marketing And Research In The Publishing Industry
Author: Maria Macchi
June 15, 1972