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Research papers

Some applications of operational research to the problem of advertising

Management decision in the field of advertising is typically concerned with problems such as the size of the advertising budget, how the outlay should he distributed over time and within regions, what type of messages should be used and what media...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Yearbook 1963-1964
Author: David Lowe-Watson
June 15, 1964

Research papers

60 Years: Then and now

How Philips has evolved its market research practices over the last decades is explained in this presentation, using examples from the past to contrast with recent projects that illustrate some of the new ways of working which have contributed to...

Catalogue: Congress 2007: Excellence
Authors: Charmian Tardieu, Maarten Schellekens
Company: McKinsey & Company
September 19, 2007

Research papers

Practical consideration in market research

The aim of the paper is to summarise considerations and some precautions which would help best to evaluate the problems and the practical exercise in market research.

Catalogue: The European Marketing Research Review 1970
Author: Renzo Butazzi
June 15, 1970

Research papers


This paper outlines the development of the Medilink project from its inception to preparations for the full Medilink panel.

Catalogue: Seminar 1984: Market Research And M.M.I.S.
Authors: John Clemens, Peter Barton
January 25, 1984

Research papers

Excerpt from ESOMAR 1997 Prices Study

The aim of the Prices Study is to provide an indication of the relative pricing of various types of research projects, at different levels: o within each country, where sample sizes permit; o between different countries within a region; o across the...

Catalogue: New Monograph Series Vol.8: International Marketing Research
Authors: Colin McDonald, Jean Pilling
January 1, 1999

Research papers

Fieldwork quality

The paper illustrates that the quality of fieldwork is still a matter of concern and that although research suppliers and buyers are aware of this, and recognise fieldwork as a most important element of any research project, little is being done to...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1975: Quality In Research
Author: D. K. Willingale
August 1, 1975

Research papers


The objective of this paper is to demonstrate: 1. The need for correct and detailed definition of objectives for sponsorship; 2. The possibilities that proper (marketing) research offers to measure the effects of a sponsorship.

Catalogue: Seminar 1985: Below-The-Line And Sponsoring
Authors: Franz Kohl, Ton Otker
Company: Philips International
November 6, 1985

Research papers

Experience in the introduction of new food products

The term new product is very complex and should therefore he explained: we understand it to mean on the one hand a completely new product which just did not exist before. It is difficult to find an example for this. We can speak of a new product when...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/WAPOR Conference 1965
Author: Werner Ziefle
June 15, 1965

Research papers

A study of workers participation in self-government in Zagreb industry

Workers' management is a form of socialist democracy developed and practised in Yugoslavia. It is a system which enables all people employed in the economy to effectively run their enterprises. Workers' management should therefore be treated first of...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1968
Author: Fedor Rocco
June 15, 1968