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Research papers

Virtual reality shopping simulation for the modern marketer

Virtual reality of some kind would seem to be a natural tool for market research. It has the potential to help the marketing decision maker in that it can allow him to model what people do rather than rely simply on what people say they will do. The...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1995: Making The Decision
Authors: Stephen Cohen, Mike Gadd
September 1, 1995

Research papers

Virtual buying

The great development of the multimedia technologies in this decade scams to impose a real revolution on our environment and on the relationships among manufacturers, retailers, and consumers. New frontiers arc opening in front of us due to the tied...

Catalogue: Seminar 1995: Facing Up To The Challenges In Retailing
Author: Gaetano Giannetto
Company: Nielsen
June 15, 1995

Research papers

Marrying marketing research and virtual reality

Marketing researchers are constantly attuned to the methodology of data collection, understanding this facet of research on a number of dimensions: collection procedure validity, demand characteristics, length of field execution, and research cost....

Catalogue: Seminar 1995: Information Technology- How Can Research Keep Up With The Peace Of Change
Author: Stephen P. Needel
January 1, 1995

Research papers

The effect of the realism of product representations on the validity of consumer evaluations

This paper illustrates the appropriateness of computer graphics for the creation of realistic representations of products that are not (yet) available, for the benefit of market research applications, particularly concept tests. An experiment is...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1994: Success Through Adaptation
Authors: Roland F. Ortt, Gerard Loosschilder
September 1, 1994