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The new rules of pricing in 2021

The pandemic has impacted demand, cost and supply across many industries and with the 2021 Pricing Agenda top of mind,  what do you and your clients need to know before resetting pricing strategies? What are the latest trends in the area of...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Spotlight Series 2021
Authors: Florian Bauer, Robin de Rooij, Martin Wricke
February 3, 2021


Become data-driven superheroes!

In this talk, Katya will explain what AI and augmented intelligence is (and is not) and highlights the value it creates in the new digital age using concrete examples. She'll demonstrate that AI tools became explainable and accessible to business...

Catalogue: Fusion 2019
Author: Katya Vladislavleva
Company: DataStories
November 10, 2019