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Research papers

The effectiveness of customer satisfaction measurements

This paper illustrates the evolution of the dealership training for Ford of Mexico with the global customer satisfaction program, Customer Viewpoint. Ford of Mexico evolved from communicating research results to integrating a battery of highly...

Catalogue: Latin America 2005
Authors: Jorge Cherbosque, Leopold Zuniga Hernandez, Angela Momney
Company: RDA Group, INC
October 23, 2005

Research papers

Mapping the customer's mind

The authors attempt to understand and access the respondents inner thoughts and ideas during qualitative research by applying academic physiological and social anthropological theories and tools, relying on the work of Hampden-Turner who theorized...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Conference on Marketing 2004
Author: Michael Francesco Alioto
Company: RDA Group, INC
October 10, 2004

Research papers

Effective prioritisation of things gone wrong for maximising satisfaction improvement

This paper describes the limitations of current quality tracking measurements and reporting in effectively differentiating vehicle quality using a tally of incidence of Things Gone Wrong (TGW).The authors propose a new framework for measuring and...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Conference on Automotive Marketing 2004
Authors: Dennis Pietrowski, Mike Harper, Bharath Vijayendra
Company: RDA Group, INC
March 1, 2004

Research papers

The 'true' inner self

This paper describes our attempt to understand the respondent's 'true' inner self during qualitative research in Mexico. The essay begins with a short review of a number of key respondent biases associated with traditional qualitative focus groups....

Catalogue: ESOMAR Worldwide Qualitative Research Conference 2003
Authors: Carol Culebro Stewart, Jorge Cherbosque, Amy Routhier, Michael Francesco Alioto
Company: RDA Group, INC
November 5, 2003

Research papers

From 'report card' to true consumer insight

This paper describes the evolution of Ford's Dealer Customer Satisfaction Program in Mexico. It begins with a brief review of the significance of customer satisfaction programs for owner loyalty, return on investment (ROI), and increased market...

Catalogue: Latin America 2003
Authors: Michael Francesco Alioto, Carol Culebro Stewart
Company: RDA Group, INC
May 4, 2003

Research papers

The use of "respondent-based intelligent" surveys in cross-national research

This paper describes the methodological evolution of Ford Motor Company's product quality research in Latin America. It begins with the exporting of the North American model to Latin America. Critical biases and methodological distortions associated...

Catalogue: Latin America 2002
Authors: Marilyn Parrett, Michael Francesco Alioto
Company: RDA Group, INC
May 12, 2002