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Research papers

Brazil's middle class? Your table is ready

Brazil's middle-class population has exploded in the last decade and today nearly half of Brazil's population is classified as middle class. With wallets full, Brazilians are dining out more than ever. To understand how this growth affects the food...

Catalogue: Latin America 2012: Uncovering Opportunities
Authors: Renata Ribeiro, Gabriel Aleixo
Company: Nestlé
May 3, 2012

Research papers

The dots can only be connected with a tune!

Based on a real-life case study, this paper demonstrates an approach combining online research with several other data sources to address a client business issue. The frame includes an online survey, qualitative research, retail panel data and...

Catalogue: Online Research 2010: E-Universe
Authors: Claudia Suárez-Gapp, Frank Hofmann
Companies: Nielsen, Nestlé
October 19, 2010

Research papers

Looking under the hood of CSR

Companies are investing in it, consumers demanding it, pundits applauding it . . . but what does Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) really mean: to consumers as opposed to shareholders? Does it encompass fair pay to women? Reducing the carbon...

Catalogue: Congress 2009: Leading The Way
Author: Martin Oxley
Companies: BuzzBack Market Research, Nestlé
September 22, 2009

Research papers

The 'glo-cal' branding toolkit

The purpose of this presentation is to show how Nestle; is facing the challenges of entering the Latam market successfully and how it is providing guidance for a global strategic brand development with a local solution in the arena of the Employer...

Catalogue: Latin America 2008
Authors: Mauricio Yuraszeck, Gabriela Ugalde Romagnoli
Companies: Nestlé, KANTAR TNS Malaysia
May 13, 2008

Research papers

Sensory evaluation

When a person comes into contact with a given fragrance, he or she experiences sensations that are unique to him or her. But is it a reason why we could not try to describe 'objectively' or as 'objectively' as possible the fragrances of our...

Catalogue: Fragrance 2007
Authors: Huguette Nicod, Florence Sponton, Hélène Azoeuf, Lise Dreyfuss, Pascale Elmalan
Company: Nestlé
November 14, 2007

Research papers

From consumer connection to consumer insight

This presentation describes the cross-functional team project, which was aimed to reconstruct consumer insights for building relevant and effective communication for children in the ice-cream category in Poland.

Catalogue: Consumer Insights 2007
Author: Malgorzata Blachowska
Company: Nestlé
May 7, 2007

Research papers

What next for consumers?

As consumer attitudes and behaviours continuously evolve, trends provide a framework for labelling, structuring and understanding these changes. when they are well observed, validated and communicated, trends become a powerful tool for stimulating...

Catalogue: Congress 2006: Foresight
Authors: Nadine Critchley, Will Galgey
Company: Nestlé
June 15, 2006

Research papers

Sense and sensibility

This paper highlights the importance of process management and strategic partnership in developing competitive advantage and creating stronger brands. Through a journey into the Portuguese chocolate market, the authors demonstrate the effectiveness...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Excellence in Consumer Insights Conference 2003
Authors: Sofia Sedas, Anabela Pratas
Companies: Multivaria - Estudos de Mercado, Lda., Nestlé
March 30, 2003

Research papers

Russia: "Pyramid" on the kitchen table

This paper describes the use of ethnographic research as a first step towards needs-based segmentation in the diverse environment of Russia. The ethnographic study presented shows how a first step in the direction of building a unified motivational...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Worldwide Qualitative Conference 2001: The Business Value Of Emotional Intelligence
Authors: Ekaterina Vladimirova, Kyrill Petrin
Company: Nestlé
October 28, 2001