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Research papers

The scope method

To whom do brands belong nowadays? Without a doubt, organizations have legal rights over brands, but the stewardship of the brand's destiny does not depend exclusively on the organization's will any longer: consumers and non-consumers - ultimately,...

Catalogue: Latin America 2015: Carnival of Insights
Authors: Camila Holpert, Claudia Furniel
June 15, 2015


Research World (December 2009)

Consumers and their values have changed; the way in which brands need to interact with them has changed; and research has changed. Some of these changes were in the works prior to the recession, but what is clear is that the downturn provided a huge...

Catalogue: Research World 2009
Author: ESOMAR B.V.
December 1, 2009


Research World (January 2008)

This month’s issue is typical of the Research World approach of late. It takes an issue that is topical and important - emotional response to brands and how to research this - and looks at it from a variety of angles. David Penn challenges the...

Catalogue: Research World 2008
Author: ESOMAR B.V.
January 1, 2008

Research papers

Evaluating the use of banner advertising in strengthening brand relationship

This paper studies the role of online advertising’s most popular tool – the banner advertisement – in the brand-building task. The paper seeks to examine whether banners are able to communicate brand values concomitant to which banners...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Conference Worldwide Online Measurement 2001
Author: Kartikeya Kompella
June 1, 2001

Research papers

Build strong brands and develop communications

Segmentation using values related variables is increasingly being used in Asia to help in the positioning of brands and to drive marketing communications. This paper addresses some of the drawbacks and limitation of this approach. In particular, it...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2000: Redefining Business In Asia Pacific
Authors: Michael O'Donohue, Tamsin Addison
Company: McKinsey & Company
November 1, 2000

Research papers

Examining the relationship between ethnic affinity and brand

This paper deals with the relationship between two issues: ethnicity and its impact on everyday life; and the relationship of brand affinity to perceived ethnic origins. The fieldwork was conducted by means of an Internet survey and the results are...

Catalogue: Ethnic Marketing 2000
Authors: Neal M. Burns, Martha G. Russell
July 1, 2000