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Research papers

Exploring markets with agent-based computer simulations

Do we always need to interview human beings in the flesh or can we get reliable information by observing thousands of I-individuals who are pre-programmed to follow the same utility function as their human counterparts? Where is the frontier? ...

Catalogue: Congress 2008: Frontiers
Authors: David Perroud, Roger A. Parker
September 26, 2008

Research papers

Predicting the unpredictable

Tipping points, viral marketing, the butterfly effect - Marketers today want to understand and take advantage of these 'emergent' phenomena. Outside of marketing research, innovative social and computer scientists have developed a new approach to...

Catalogue: Congress 2005: Making A Difference
Authors: Roger A. Parker, David G. Bakken
Company: Harris Interactive (Europe)
September 21, 2005