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Research papers

Mirror, mirror on the wall

If we define the client as anyone without whom a business wouldn’t exist, there is a group of people that are very important to marketing research but are ironically overlooked. In this presentation we treat the respondents with the same...

Catalogue: Congress 2015: Revelations
Authors: Hetta Bramley, Kristin Hickey
October 1, 2015

Research papers

Social science research and field work in Afghanistan

Conducting quality research in a country as vast and insecure as Afghanistan is not without its challenges, i.e. high security risks (Taliban), violence, intimidation, corruption, ethnic, linguistic and gender differences, extensive illiteracy,...

Catalogue: Congress 2012: Accelerating Excellence
Author: Rafiq Ullah Kakar
Company: Opinion Research Center of Afghanistan (ORCA)
September 13, 2012

Research papers

Looking under the hood of CSR

Companies are investing in it, consumers demanding it, pundits applauding it . . . but what does Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) really mean: to consumers as opposed to shareholders? Does it encompass fair pay to women? Reducing the carbon...

Catalogue: Congress 2009: Leading The Way
Author: Martin Oxley
Companies: BuzzBack Market Research, Nestlé
September 22, 2009

Research papers

Doing it

This presentation reviews the results of a fascinating study finding that work experience in field or data entry improves claimed future intent to consider MR as a career. Doing it matters more than talking about it. Talking about it shifts...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2009: Competing On A World Stage
Author: Caz Tebbutt Dennis
Company: Tebbutt Research
April 7, 2009

Research papers

A socio-economic standard system of classification of respondents

Brazil may well be the country with the largest experience of using a uniform socio-economic classification system in the world. It adopted one such system in 1970, as a result of the recommendation proposed by a panel nominated by the National...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Handbook Of Market And Opinion Research
Author: Pergentino Mendes de Almeida
September 1, 1998

Research papers

From passivity to interaction?

The paper raises questions about the adequacy of conventional qualitative research techniques for the future. A change in orientation and practice is needed if we are to develop a meaningful understanding of consumer responses to the advanced brand...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1996: Changing Business Dynamics
Authors: Christine Restall, Richard Auton
September 1, 1996

Research papers

IT as a strategy to manage the process of quantitative research

In this paper the process of large-scale quantitative research is examined with the aim of finding ways to reduce costs and improve quality. The paper focuses on the role IT plays in fieldwork preparation, fieldwork management, data collection and...

Catalogue: Seminar 1995: Information Technology- How Can Research Keep Up With The Peace Of Change
Author: Niels J. Grommé
Company: NIPO
January 1, 1995

Research papers

Random digit dialling crosses the Atlantic

We have devised and developed a new method for creating random digit dialling samples for telephone surveys in our agency. The method itself, which we have named ‘Number Propagation’, is very simple. We take the phone numbers of respondents...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1992: The Race Against Expectations
Authors: Ruth Deacon, Martin van Staveren
September 1, 1992

Research papers

No unexplored territory left on the German map (German)

Only four months after the breach of the Berlin Wall, the Allensbach Institute had already set up its own interviewer network in the GDR, with approximately 600 interviewers recruited personally or by mail. Even before the first free elections in...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1991: Marketing In A New Europe
Authors: Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann, Michael Hallemann
Company: Institut für Demoskopie Allensbach GmbH
June 15, 1991