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What you need to know about conducting research in the Middle East

As we ever-expand our global purview, it becomes critical for market research professionals to understand the global consumer landscape. Creating good, valid research often requires an understanding of consumer behavior, local customs, and more....

Catalogue: Webinars 2017
Author: Nader Kobeissi
Company: Toluna
November 7, 2017


MENA spending patterns: Where does the money go?

The inflation wave is hitting full force in the Middle East & North Africa region, at a time where the political scene is not holding strong grounds. Anxiety levels are surging. People are torn between their dreams and aspirations AND the need to...

Catalogue: MENAP Forum 2017: Connecting And Collaborating For Impact
Authors: Mona Ahmed, Asli Kokcu Peksen, Ghaida Fatany
March 21, 2017

Research papers

Welcome to the sensorium of Whatsapp

There is no 'sense' in data until it encompasses all senses of the consumer, there is no 'experience' as valuable as the one shared in real time by the consumer and there is no 'communication' as authentic as the one that is initiated by the...

Catalogue: MENAP Forum 2016: From Transformation To Activation
Author: Kshipra Rustogi
Company: FeedBack Market Research
June 15, 2016

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Reality YOUTH research

The Middle East is one of the youngest regions in the world with about two thirds of the population under 25 years of age. Technology has brought winds of change to the Arab World and some would even say that in the preceding five years the Arab...

Catalogue: Consumer Insights 2009: The Pragmatic Approach
Authors: Tammy Jalboukh, Ambrish Chaudhry
Company: KANTAR TNS Malaysia
February 11, 2009


Research World (July/August 2005)

Research World is devoting a considerable section of this summer’s issue to market research in the ‘lost continent’. In what some people may denounce as an unforgivable concession to business convention, we have taken a pragmatic...

Catalogue: Research World 2005
Author: ESOMAR B.V.
August 1, 2005

Research papers

Ya Sheikh, let me sell you a camel

The Middle East region has seen significant changes over the last few years, and these extraneous factors have shaped the lives and values of Arabs. A number of contradictions have occurred, behaviour that is difficult to explain at the outset, but...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Worldwide Qualitative Conference 2001: The Business Value Of Emotional Intelligence
Authors: Dipen Mehta, Daksha Desai
October 28, 2001

Research papers

Woo me, woo my family... Marry me, marry my family

The Middle East epitomises collective behaviour. This is beautifullycaptured in a traditional saying 'it takes a village to raise a child'. This isincreasingly true of Saudi Arabia, one of the most populous countries inthe Middle East. While most...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Worldwide Advertising Conference 2000
Author: Suma Ravi
Company: Nielsen
November 1, 2000

Research papers

Brief by name, brief by nature

The use of research by local companies in the Middle East region is increasing. While these companies understand the value of research and, in broad terms, what they want from a study, the buyers are often non- researchers who do not fully appreciate...

Catalogue: MENAP Forum 1996: Pressure On Profit
Author: Nigel W. Dix
March 1, 1996