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Research papers

India- One in a billion

As the world becomes a smaller place, and brands become increasingly global, it seems almost evident that we are living in a single continent rather than many. There seems no better benchmark to this phenomenon than youth across the world. Seemingly,...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2008
Authors: Suman Srivastava, Nikhil Rawal
Company: IMRB International
April 9, 2008

Research papers

Work versus life?

The aim of this presentation is to examine what drives employee engagement and worklife happiness across the globe. What differences and similarities do we find between countries and how does this indicator of societal trends interact with wider...

Catalogue: Congress 2007: Excellence
Authors: Charlotte Cornish, David Donnelly, Fabián Echegaray
Companies: Market Analysis, FDS International Ltd
September 19, 2007

Research reports

Global Market Research 2007

Global Market Research 2007 is the 19th annual industry study undertaken by ESOMAR and the second to be developed in cooperation with KPMG Business Advisory Services. The latest edition provides the most comprehensive assessment yet of the sector's...

Catalogue: Global Market Research
Author: ESOMAR B.V.
September 17, 2007

Research papers

How to generate global insights to create global brands

The presentation addresses the journey to global insights, acknowledging that simply having a global insight is not enough for building global brands.Having an insight is necessary but not sufficient! The idea that insight is a verb rather than an...

Catalogue: Consumer Insights 2007
Authors: Howard R. Moskowitz, Johannes Hartmann
Companies: Unilever, Moskowitz Jacobs Inc.
May 7, 2007

Research papers

Axe 'click'

The paper explores how the global communication campaign for the 2006 Axe variant 'Click' was researched using evolutionary insights as a foundation. A multi-layered approach comprising desk-research, expert interviews and consumer groups validated...

Catalogue: Congress 2006: Foresight
Authors: Andy Bloor, Alistair Millar, Jem Fawcus
Company: Firefish
September 17, 2006

Research papers

Society, brands and the media

Global marketing is undoubtedly now an established discipline. More and more strategies are designed to capitalise on common consumer characteristics across the world.This presentation outlines some of the changes that are shaping societies in the...

Catalogue: Consumer Insights 2005
Author: Sheila Byfield
Company: MindShare
November 15, 2005

Research reports

ESOMAR Annual Market Study 2004

This report, that covers the 2004 market statistics, is the 17th report published by ESOMAR, but the first conducted in cooperation with EFAMRO. It is based mainly on information supplied to us by national market research trade associations, as well...

Catalogue: Global Market Research
Author: ESOMAR B.V.
September 1, 2005

Research papers

Global brands and Chinese strivers

This paper addresses two questions: what defines Chinese consumers in the context of Asia, and the world? And how do you build globally consistent platforms while respecting and reflecting Chinese characteristics?The paper is based on an annual...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2005
Authors: Xiaoyan Zhao, Don Simons
March 13, 2005

Research papers

From aesthetic trends to new value signs

In 2004 Philips launched its new brand positioning 'Sense and Simplicity'. To articulate this positioning through design, Philips Design works according to the High Design process; a multidisciplinary and human-centered approach that led to...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Conference on Digital Futures 2005
Author: Brechje Vissers
Company: Philips International
March 1, 2005