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How design thinking allows market research to take the lead and become an innovation powerhouse

The R&D sector is worth $1.7tn. Insight should be central to this. But currently, it's not. At best, we're a small component in the larger innovation machine. And often, we're completely ignored. This shouldn't be the case.Learn how combining...

Catalogue: Insights Festival 2020
Authors: Alex Wilman, Nicholas JianHao Lee
Companies: Northstar Research, FigureFigure Studios
September 16, 2020


The art and science of innovation

This presentation approaches innovation as being the successful conversation between two worlds: The science and precision of the R&D world meeting the art and pragmatic world of market research in order to create the maximum marketing impact in...

Catalogue: Sensory Forum 2015: Marketing Meets Science
Authors: Sjoerd Koornstra, Codruta Berbecaru
June 15, 2015


The people side of innovation

These days, there is much talk about open innovation, business model innovation and innovation culture. These are important topics, but the most significant element to anything related to innovation will always be people.It is people that make things...

Catalogue: Digital Dimensions 2014: (Online + Big Data + Social Media + Mobile) Research
Author: Stefan Lindegaard
June 15, 2014