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Research papers

The role of niches and elites in TV audience fragmentation

The paper describes a preliminary approach to understanding the dynamics of niche viewing populations and their role in supporting multiple viewing options within an increasingly fragmented television landscape. The paper's arguments are informed by...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/ARF WAM Conference 2002: Television
Authors: Stacey Lynn Koerner, David J. Leroy
June 9, 2002

Research papers

American public television in the 500 channel environment: A discussion of current research

Everyday, it seems, we hear new prognostications about what the information super highway, the 500 channel environment and interactive digital compressed optical fiber portend for the future of broadcasting. American Public Television went through a...

Catalogue: ESORMAR/ARF Worldwide Electronic And Broadcast Audience Research 1994
Authors: David J. Leroy, Barbara I. Gordon, Patricia A. Harris
May 1, 1994