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Research papers

Transforming Established Research

Caracol Radio, the leading radio station in Colombia, found itself in need of understanding the reasons behind the statistics it already had about its audience during the pandemic, and to understand the impact of events in life on people. Considering...

Catalogue: Latin America 2023
Authors: Felipe Cabrales Urdaneta, Cesar Valderrama Nicholls, Claudia Velasco Henao
Companies: Caracol Radio, Datexco Company
April 24, 2023

Research papers

From the Click of a Button to Human Insights

COVID-19 changed how we work across the globe. To many it meant working at home rather than in enclosedoffice spaces, which has led employers to innovate work models and transition to hybrid or remote setups. Forthose working with applied...

Catalogue: Congress 2022: 75th Anniversary
Authors: Katharine Diamond, Alessandra Grimoldi, Lea Svendsen
Companies: IS IT A BIRD, Whirlpool EMEA
September 26, 2022

Research papers

Consumer understanding in the age of entrepreneurship

Consumer research (CR) is a premium product offering which often represents an unaffordable luxury for small companies. At first glance, the notion that CR is expensive may sound ridiculous; but taking into account that by far the greatest consumers...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Smart Data Lab
Authors: Alejandro Salgado-Montejo, Carlos Velasco, Charles Spence, Carolina Maya, Andy T. Woods
November 4, 2019

Research papers

Let them speak!

In qualitative research, much can be gained by starting with broad questions which allow the respondents to express an attitude, behaviour, or thought rather than leading them with more pointed questions. But groups and depths are limited by time and...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2019
Author: Anne-Marie Moir
May 22, 2019

Research papers

Machine learning evolving computer vision

How to extract great insights from satellite imagery? Last few years have seen enormous growth on AI-based data-enrichment techniques. Automatic sentiment and topic identification in text documents have become ubiquitous. Image tagging and...

Catalogue: Latin America 2018: Market Intelligence Festival for Latin America
Authors: Mario Abarca, Moisés Arizpe, Horacio González Duhart, Gustavo Ramírez, Marco Iván Zepeda
Company: Kantar
March 14, 2018

Research papers

Beyond numbers

Imagine being able to identify segmented key in-store touchpoints with no observations, no contact with shoppers, no lab test, no virtual reality test. Imagine you could have answers in 10 days only. Imagine you could count on more than 20 million...

Catalogue: Latin America 2018: Market Intelligence Festival for Latin America
Author: Christian Abramson
Company: Colgate-Palmolive
March 13, 2018

Research papers

Generate insights on how to communicate a brand new product benefit in a consumer intuitive way

Communicating new product benefits in a consumer intuitive way is a big challenge for most CPG categories. The insight generation process mostly involves complicated methodologies that make it very hard to keep consumer engagement high....

Catalogue: Global Qualitative 2017: Back to the future
Authors: Dogus Sipahioglu, Daniela Chiaravalle
November 22, 2017

Research papers

Addressable TV advertising

How can we move TV advertising forward with big data? Applying learnings from digital display to advance programmatic TV advertising.The purpose of this article is to systematize the role of the different data available for programmatic TV...

Catalogue: Big Data World 2017: Smart Data Integration
Authors: Edward Malthouse, Judy Franks, Ewa Maslowska
November 13, 2017

Research papers

SUPERCRUNCH data design thinking

Tackle the most common challenge when developing data-driven solutions: How to define a tangible use case? The Supercrunchers will walk you through based on a real-life case.

Catalogue: Big Data World 2017: Smart Data Integration
Authors: David Kaufmann, Norbert Wirth
Company: GfK
November 10, 2017