Beyond numbers

Date of publication: March 13, 2018


Imagine being able to identify segmented key in-store touchpoints with no observations, no contact with shoppers, no lab test, no virtual reality test. Imagine you could have answers in 10 days only. Imagine you could count on more than 20 million shopping trips rather than a typical 100 sample size. Imagine you did not depend on customer authorizations to run the test in-store. Imagine all this. Expensive right? But what if this cost you 1/3 of what a classic in-store observation study would? That's what we did. To identify segmented key in-store touchpoints in the drugstore channel in Brazil, we leveraged Dunnhumby CRM customer data to reach our goals. And we did. Cheaper. Faster. With a huge sample size. Proven. Not depending on memory. With no need to get customer authorizations. Not interfering with people's shopping trips. For 3 different health conditions, we were able to understand in which in-store areas we should activate our brands. So we may create tailored communications to these health conditions and better link our products with their specific needs in a place in-store people are thinking about how to address their health care needs. Now, with an extra possibility: Colgate specific products. By doing this, we will increase the relevance of our categories by linking personal care categories to health conditions and health needs, helping people live better, every day.

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