Why online research is your best strategy continuing to 2021

Date of publication: November 24, 2020

Catalogue: Webinars 2020


With 2021 around the corner, the new realities of remote testing are here to stay. Everything seems to be changing, so we need a fresh perspective and new ways to cope- and this extends to market research. Contextual virtual shopping provides a unique potential for optimizing all touchpoints in the path to purchase- be they online or offline. This holds especially true for companies who until now relied on in-person research. How do you adjust your omnichannel strategy to plan for the unexpected but not back down on the quality of insights? Join Jonathan Asher and young research experts from EyeSee in discussing cutting-edge online research environments- and how to use them for making consumer-centric decisions:

-How we help clients who are unsure about taking a leap with a new behavioral methodology that will add value to their research toolkit;

-Why the new generation of rookie researchers might have an unexpected edge over experts in solving research problems, and how to nurture innovation in-house;

-Why social media best practice studies and e-commerce researches are the bread and butter of 2021;

-How new shopper touchpoints, such as click & collect or curbside pickups, can be recreated in virtual contexts.

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