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Revue Française du Marketing (Octobre-Novembre 2012)

Les six articles qui composent ce numéro de la Revue abordent tous des sujets derecherche concernant la distribution commerciale, dans un contextenational et international. Cela n'est pas un hasard, puisqu'ils sont tous -sauf le dernier - issus de...

Catalogue: ADETEM: Revue Française du Marketing
Author: ADETEM
Company: ADETEM
October 1, 2012

Research papers

Mapping cultural values for global marketing and advertising

This paper presents evidence that consumer behaviour varies with cultural patterns and that this variance is stable over time and will become increasingly manifest. Consumption behaviour, decision making, media behaviour and advertising behaviour are...

Catalogue: New Monograph Series Vol.8: International Marketing Research
Author: Marieke de Mooij
September 1, 1999


Research World (December 2001)

Understanding the process by which new ideas, products and services are picked up, communicated and adopted is key to the success of developing both new and old products. In each case, Early Adopters are the group to watch closely but how can they be...

Catalogue: Research World 2001
Author: ESOMAR B.V.
December 1, 2001


Research World (April 2005)

MR too has become increasingly international. The process of adapting the organisation, the concentration and the growth of international research has been client-driven. But just how well does the industry handle diversity in 2005? For several years...

Catalogue: Research World 2005
Author: ESOMAR B.V.
April 1, 2005

Research papers

State of new product market research around the world

This paper assesses the state of worldwide new product market research from the perspective of the author's 40 years experience in the United States, Europe and other areas and in building and directing a market research organization for a...

Catalogue: AMA/ESOMAR Conference 1979: It Won't Work Here
Author: Richard M. Seitz
March 1, 1979

Research papers

International advertising

Introductory paragraph to "International advertising" section of the book "Market researcher look at advertising".

Catalogue: Market Researchers Look At Advertising: A Collection of ESOMAR papers 1949-1979
Author: ESOMAR B.V.
June 15, 1980

Research papers

Making it all happen: The sub-contractor view

The sub contractor is at the end of the line and it is natural his point of view should be given last. It reflects what happens in practice and you must understand that we have often the same feeling as the secretary who has to type a report for...

Catalogue: ICC/ESOMAR Symposium 1984: International Marketing Research
Author: Jean Bigant
June 15, 1984

Research papers

Measuring a multi-country specialist audience: The international air travel survey

Frequent international air travellers are, by their very nature, very difficult to research using in-home or in- office survey techniques. The International Air Travel Survey (IATS) was developed two years ago as a means of effectively researching...

Catalogue: Seminar 1988: Media And Media Research
Authors: Peter A. Rusby, Brian Shields
June 15, 1988


Research World (September 2007)

It is challenging to look at market research in this light and to inspect more closely how this sector performs in relation to comparable disciplines. Also to analyse which companies provide renewal and continually respond to changes in the market...

Catalogue: Research World 2007
Author: ESOMAR B.V.
September 1, 2007