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Paragon partnership with Save the Children UK

The Paragon partnership connects market research agencies with NGOs to provide support on research. Paragon is supporting Save the Children UK in its research on adolescent girl nutrition and child marriage in Western and Central Africa. The...

Catalogue: Congress 2017: Visionary
Author: Alexis Nestour
October 26, 2017


Turning a corner on negative perceptions of refugees in Europe

The world is currently facing the largest refugee crisis since World War II. At the same time, refugees have negative connotations, with the European public’s propensity to help being on shaky ground. In this paper, we therefore investigate...

Catalogue: Congress 2017: Visionary
Authors: Samantha Bond, Patricia Dominguez, Nijat Mammadbayli
Company: SKIM
October 26, 2017



Big Data big impact!

How data collection and updated technology can lead to great social impact.

Catalogue: Big Data World 2017: Smart Data Integration
Author: Maurício Moura
January 15, 2017


Neuroscience applied

How to effectively communicate a social media campaign that encourages reporting against child and adolescent abuse? In a pro-bono copy-testing study, we optimized the Liberta Institute's campaign, which contributed to an increase in 10.3% of abuse...

Catalogue: Latin America 2019
Authors: Aline Souza, Janaína Brizante
Company: Nielsen
April 8, 2019


Overview of fraud in online advertising

Online advertising is a multibillion dollar business with a growing pace of +/-15% per year, even during the economic crisis. This economic figures have motivated fraudsters to implement different mechanisms to obtain economic benefits out of not...

Catalogue: Seminar 2016: Media Return on Investment
Author: Ángel Cuevas Rumín
June 15, 2016


Joining the dots to join hands across the globe

Market research rightly strives for impact - not just delivering insight but real results. This need couldn't be sharper than when working with SURF, the Rwandan genocide Survivors Fund. ROI translates into lives transformed, in the case of orphans,...

Catalogue: Congress 2016: #WOW
Authors: Kelsey Finnegan, Will Goodhand
Company: KANTAR TNS Malaysia
June 15, 2016


Researching to include: How can we change discriminatory attitudes?

Never before as visible as today. In Peru, there are more than 1.7 million adults who recognize themselves as LGTBIQ+. However, day by day they face a world that judges and discriminates them for being and expressing how they feel. This research...

Catalogue: Latin America 2020 - Insights Festival
Authors: Alfredo Valencia, Luis Ramos
Companies: IPSOS, INNGOV
October 19, 2020


Transformations in public opinion research

Opinion polls in many western democracies have become so entrenched that their publication is an underlying part of political coverage. In recent years, research methodologies in places like the United States have had to transform to cope with...

Catalogue: MENAP Forum 2015: Leading Transformation
Author: Kathleen Frankovic
June 15, 2015