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Research papers

In-store shopper analytics

The general objective of this study is to analyze shopper's behaviour during their purchase intention processes at the retail outlet for the hair care category, specifically shampoo, and provide ELVIVE’s brand with relevant information to work...

Catalogue: Latin America 2019
Authors: Mariana Monge, Bárbara Lecaros
Companies: L'Oréal, Neurometrics
April 7, 2019

Research papers

Finding gold in the desert

In Latin America, many traditional firms still envision and reach consumers from emergent populations as if they were newcomers to the traditional middle class. Nonetheless, our research on lifestyle segmentation, in Peru and later in Mexico, Chile,...

Catalogue: Congress 2013: Think Big
Authors: Percy Vigil Vidal, Rolando Arellano Bahamonde
Company: Arellano Investigación de Marketing
September 26, 2013

Research papers

Mobile= location= effect

This paper reports on two studies researching the effect of mobile location-based ads to perceived intrusiveness of those ads. For the reported studies, shoppers received an ad on a smartphone in a simulated 3D supermarket (projected in four...

Catalogue: Congress 2011: Impact
Authors: Marnix van Gisbergen, Arief E. Hühn, Paul E. Ketelaar, Vassilis-Javed Khan, Koos Nuijten
September 18, 2011

Research papers

The new shopper journey touchpoints

Great change is now unfolding in the retail sector, with social media and mobile commerce driving whole new opportunities for the businesses involved in retail. With great innovation, however, comes great uncertainty. Many businesses are struggling...

Catalogue: Insights 2011: A New World Order In Shopper Marketing
Author: Danielle Pinnington
March 1, 2011

Research papers

How to shape future health and beauty shopping

ProcterGamble is widely seen as cutting edge in how well we understand consumer and market dynamics and how we bring this knowledge to our retail partners. The project 'How to Shape Future Health and Beauty Shopping' embarks on a highly collaborative...

Catalogue: Congress 2010: The Changing Face Of Market Research
Authors: Andreas Onnen, Marion Tamme
Companies: Procter & Gamble, GIM- Gesellschaft fur innovative Marktforschung
September 15, 2010

Research papers


We cannot turn our backs on progress and progress is now linked to neuroscience. The challenge is to demonstrate how a neuroscientific approach can represent an opportunity to improve the research tools which are currently at our disposal. Can it...

Catalogue: Congress 2010: The Changing Face Of Market Research
Authors: Nuria Serrano, Cristina De Balanzó, Siemon Scamell-Katz
Company: KANTAR TNS Malaysia
September 15, 2010

Research papers

Relevant pieces to the Chinese media puzzle

This paper will offer a unique view of the Chinese media marketplace, that of the Chinese retail consumer. We present data from a 2009 study of 7,000+ Chinese consumers, age 18 to 34, who have reported on what media they use, i.e., consume, not what...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2010: Eyes on Asia
Authors: Don E. Schultz, Martin P. Block
April 20, 2010

Research papers

From dream to purchase

The advancement of the digital experience has opened up new and exciting worlds for consumers in ways that were only imagined ten years ago.The adoption curve of consumers of new digital products is accelerating, resulting in a changed shopping...

Catalogue: Retail and Shopper 2009: The Voice Of The Shopper
Author: Yvonne van Veen
Company: Philips International
March 4, 2009

Research papers

Painting simplicity

Almost nobody doubts of the importance of innovation for retail success. it is also evident that the shopping experience plays a key role in stimulating customers not only to purchase once, but also to return. The challenge is to decide which road is...

Catalogue: Retail and Shopper 2009: The Voice Of The Shopper
Authors: Paulina Salazar, Lluis Martinez-Ribes
March 4, 2009