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Research papers

"So many different suns"

How do you position a brand to consumers in emerging markets that is both affordable and desirable? Can a low priced brand be aspirational? What creates 'star' brands at all market levels? The Theory of Multiple Poverty Lines postulates that there...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2012: Asia Kaleidoscope
Authors: Sangeeta Gupta, Shobha Prasad
April 17, 2012

Research papers

Too much reality?

The prevailing celebration of technology-enabled access to 'raw' consumer realities is challenged in this presentation. While acknowledging the many benefits that video-ethnography and social media bring (emotional engagement, richness and texture,...

Catalogue: Congress 2011: Impact
Authors: Sangeeta Gupta, Anjali Puri
Companies: KANTAR TNS Malaysia, PepsiCo
September 18, 2011

Research papers

Insight simplicity

Striving for simplicity itself is nothing new. However, what has changed is the level of distraction in the current age. Within this context it is now difficult for decision makers to see the information they need. Successful insight delivery must...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2011: Increasing Value Through Simplicity
Authors: Sangeeta Gupta, Andrew Vincent
Company: PepsiCo
March 20, 2011

Research papers

Of heads and hearts and cultures apart!

Culture, as we all know (sometimes rather disastrously!), is a powerful mediator across a range of marketing activities. The aim of this paper is to present thoughts on enhancing communication effectiveness for the Indian market by sensitivity to key...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2008
Authors: Sangeeta Gupta, Ranjan Samanta
Company: PepsiCo
April 9, 2008

Research papers

Scalpel or hand grenade?

The market research industry spends a great deal of time and effort to understand how their clients' consumers make decisions what needs their clients' products satisfy, what choices consumers make versus their clients' competitors, how communication...

Catalogue: Congress 2007: Excellence
Authors: Subhransu Rout, Sangeeta Gupta
September 19, 2007

Research papers

Making global innovation work for global companies

While there is a significant body of research on the organizational climate that is conducive to innovation, most of this research has a strong 'western' bias, concept, practice or culture. How much of this 'climate' is easily translatable to the...

Catalogue: Innovate 2006
Authors: Sangeeta Gupta, Rajiv Inamdar
Company: Nielsen
May 10, 2006

Research papers

Unravelling the diversity of the Indian market

India is, unequivocally, a diverse country. This paper takes a geographic zonal approach to unravel India's diversity because it serves as the most actionable way of studying the market, since most marketing action (i.e. media or distribution) can be...

Catalogue: Global Diversity 2006
Author: Sangeeta Gupta
Company: Nielsen
May 8, 2006

Research papers

Tomorrow is a new consumer!

The world is looking intensely at Asia today, as it moves rapidly towards becoming not only the world's largest producer and consumer, but also the largest productive workforce. Marketers and policy makers everywhere are keen to know how to exploit...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2006
Authors: Sangeeta Gupta, Smita Bhosale
Company: Nielsen
March 19, 2006

Research papers

Lasting liaisons

The consumer-brand bond has long been of great interest to marketers, and continues to attract much attention and study.This paper addresses some of the misconceptions/gaps the authors have experienced and encountered in the practitioner world with a...

Catalogue: Brandmatters 2006
Authors: Sangeeta Gupta, Santosh Desai
February 8, 2006