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Research papers

Bank roles in developing relationships with business customers

This paper discusses a large research project conducted to investigate factors impacting on the relationship between banks and their business clients in Australia. A survey was conducted during February - March 1999 with 276 executives and financial...

Catalogue: Financial Markets In Turbulent Times 1999: Guidance From Marketing Research
Author: Nexhmi Rexha
September 1, 1999

Research papers

A new approach in audience measurement for print media

In our continuous Australia-wide Readership Survey, we interview about 26000 people each year. Each month two different cross-sections, each of about 1100 people, are interviewed. For dailies, weeklies and monthlies, different economical and quick...

Catalogue: Seminar 1982: Improving Media Research
Author: Roy Morgan
Company: Roy Morgan Research Pty Ltd
June 15, 1982

Research papers

Authentic amplification or echo chamber?

It's not an 'attention economy' we live in, it's an 'engagement economy'. Engagement is what leads to impact on brand perceptions, yet most brands are still aiming for 'likes' and 'shares' in their social activation. To help brands activate, social...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2016: Get Connected!
Author: Anne Rayner
Company: KANTAR TNS Malaysia
May 19, 2016

Research papers

AI-Powered Qualitative

In this paper, we explore the use of Conversational Artificial Intelligence (CAI) to engage with humans onsensitive subject matter. The topic we selected to assess its performance was sexual attitudes. We engaged witha sample of n=926 Australians,...

Catalogue: Future-Proofing and Foresight
Authors: Garreth Chandler, Tracey Rankin
Companies: The Evolved Group, Alchemy Research & Insight
April 14, 2022

Research papers

Transforming poster sites into a measurable advertising medium

The results of the poster research described in this paper have been important in helping Australian marketing and media managers judge the cost-effectiveness of outdoor advertising campaigns, where formerly, they lacked the necessary information....

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1978: Value For Money In Market And Social Research
Author: David T. Bottomley
September 1, 1978

Research papers


The paper examines the three major Australian media, television, radio and print. The changes that have occurred over the ten years which are likely to affect survey technique and data application are considered as well as the resultant changes in...

Catalogue: Seminar 1980: Media Measurement And Media Choice
Author: Ian Muir
Company: McNair yellowSquares Pty Ltd
June 15, 1980

Research papers

The video cassette recorder in Australia

During 1984 advertisers in Australia began to be concerned that the video-cassette recorder (VCR) was eroding the size of the audience for live television, and as a result, reducing the frequency by which users of a VCR were being exposed to...

Catalogue: ARF/ESOMAR/JMA Seminar 1986: Marketing, Advertising And Research
Authors: A. T. Wheeler, Martin L. James
June 15, 1986

Research papers

Tomorrow's panels are here today

In this paper we describe in detail the Australian panels which source the AGB BrandScan consumer purchasing information service. In describing these panels we give a flavour to the way in which the shape and nature of the BrandScan panels were...

Catalogue: Seminar 1987: Improving The Use Of Consumer Panels For Marketing Decisions
Authors: John Clemens, Jonathan Jephcott
June 15, 1987

Research reports

Attitudes to emigration with a particular reference to Australia

This research was designed e.s a preliminary, exploratory examination of the attitudes towards emigration (with special reference to Australia ) held by UK adults. The main areas examined, within the limits imposed by the small scale of the research,...

Catalogue: CRAM/Peter Cooper Archive Collection
Author: CRAM/Peter Cooper Archive
April 1, 1971