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Research papers

Revolutionising Product Testing and Optimisation with Artificial Intelligence

What do a driverless car, a drone delivering a package at the top of a skyscraper, a robotic instrument performing surgery and a robot amusing the elderly all have in common with each other? Artificial intelligence! As a unique combination of science...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2023 - Innovation
Authors: Hoshang Dotiwala, Jason Cohen
Companies: IPSOS, NielsenIQ
November 22, 2023


A Student's Journey through ESOMAR and Insights

An ESOMAR event co-hosted by Georgia and Romania Representatives addressed to the academic environment, to the young students who may have a desire to embrace the amazing researcher profession. ESOMAR brings to the targeted audience valuable...

Catalogue: Webinars 2021
Authors: Alina Serbanica, Nino Gogoladze, Corina Cimpoca, Cristina Osiescu, Kristine Lortkipanidze
Companies: ESOMAR, MKOR Consulting, NielsenIQ, Anova Limited
November 9, 2021