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Research papers

It's not market research. It's HBO

This paper will describe how HBO has developed an innovative market research strategy integrated into a single platform: surveys, online communities, mobile research, gamification, digital ethnography and big data analytics. We want to share with the...

Catalogue: Congress 2017: Visionary
Authors: Adriana Rocha, Mariana Gonzalez Cedraro, Laura Pellerano Berga, Susana Aiken, Ivan Casas
August 25, 2017


How to enter in a highly competitive environment without sinking (Spanish)

This paper outlines the power of methodological integration as a journey to new findings - allowing business inquiries to be properly addressed. Through this case we prove the efficiency of an integrated model from a remix of methodologies, which...

Catalogue: Latin America 2016: Research Renovation
Authors: Maria Claudia Foschi, Carolina Mejía Posada
June 15, 2016

Research papers

The data party has just begun

Despite the large efforts done by today's companies, keeping customers’ information organised is becoming harder. Different brands, departments and promotions have the potential to create new valuable information.?The effort required to...

Catalogue: Latin America 2015: Carnival of Insights
Authors: Cecilia Mastrini, Natalia Gitelman, Enric Cid
Companies: DatosClaros - Octubre Research SA, Netquest
June 15, 2015

Research papers

Bridging the gap

A new insight framework based on four distinctive but overlapping types of insight: 'discovery' insights, 'predictive' insights, 'explanatory' insights and 'transformational' insights is explored in this presentation. Qual and quant techniques can...

Catalogue: Qualitative 2011: Embrace, Inspire And Celebrate!
Author: David G. Bakken
November 13, 2011

Research papers

From the blog to the record shop

This paper envisions the future of insight and sees the walls between quantitative and qualitative research brought down thanks to new digital technologies. A project case study that catalysed decision-making and pushed new strategies within the...

Catalogue: Qualitative 2011: Embrace, Inspire And Celebrate!
Authors: Jamie Allsopp, Hanna Chalmers
Companies: Universal Music Group , Sparkler
November 13, 2011

Research papers

Blurring the boundaries between qual and quant

Conducting research in the high pace technology industry poses quite some challenges for the researcher. In order to cope with this, Acer let go of the traditional distinction between qualitative and quantitative research, and married them into a new...

Catalogue: Qualitative 2011: Embrace, Inspire And Celebrate!
Author: Maarten Schellekens
November 13, 2011

Research papers

More than just a survey

This paper provides an overview of the new Eyes-On Out-of-Home (OOH) Audience Measurement System being implemented across America by The Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement, Inc.It describes the system design and rationale for selecting an...

Catalogue: WM3 2007
Authors: Jay Mattlin, Joseph C. Philport, Pete Walsh
June 3, 2007

Research papers

Brand intelligence

This paper will demonstrate how a comprehensive system of different market research study approaches can be used to gain in-depth insights into the complex phenomenon of a premium automotive brand. The complexity of brand research in the automotive...

Catalogue: Automotive 2006
Authors: Alexandra Stein, Wolfgang Breyer
Companies: GfK, BMW Group
February 27, 2006

Research papers

A new concept of integrated electronic audience research

Future media research will require: o the provision of high sophisticated information about new media applications (DAB, DVB, Multimedia, other); o tools which are able to monitor media consumption in an environment which becomes more complex - at...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/ARF Seminar 1998: Electronic Media And Measurement Trends
Author: Matthias Steinmann
Company: Swiss Broadcasting Corporation
June 15, 1998