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Research papers

Creative brainstorming

'If you re not failing every now and again, it s a sign you re not doing anything very innovative.' Woody Allen.Woody Allen is an excellent example of an innovative thinker. He's provocative, controversial, and often misunderstood. This is because he...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Conference 2005: Innovate!
Author: John Storey
February 27, 2005



TRANSFORMATION and TRUST  is presented as a programme trilogy with each episode featuring unique content across different time zones.If you cannot join live then you will automatically receive a link to watch the on-demand broadcast(s)...

Catalogue: Trust and Transformation
July 28, 2021

Research papers

Market research as an accelerating factor in the transforming of the Yugoslav economic enterprises into market economies

It is our aim to illustrate the goals of market investigations, seen from the viewpoint of possibilities for encouraging the continuous development of the Yugoslav economy.

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1972: Marketing In A Changing World
Author: T. Karpati
September 1, 1972

Research papers

From research to creation

The purpose of this paper is to suggest a sequence of creation which will enable the intermediary (the Creative Director, the copy-chief, the Account supervisor) to obtain advertisements which will satisfy the criteria of both the creative man and...

Catalogue: Seminar 1973: From Market Research To Advertising Strategy And Vice-Versa
Author: Henri Joannis
June 15, 1973

Research papers

Comments on the first session

Comment to the papers presented in the first session of the ESOMAR Seminar: "From market research to advertising strategy and vice-versa".

Catalogue: Seminar 1973: From Market Research To Advertising Strategy And Vice-Versa
Author: Jacques E. Andriessens
June 15, 1973

Research papers

Market analysis in regional economic development

The application of market analysis procedures to problems of regional economic development has long been neglected. This paper presents a framework for regional economic analysis and then proceeds to a detailed examination of the City of Bradford in...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/WAPOR Congress 1973: The Application Of Market And Social Research For More Efficient Planning
Authors: M. G. Christopher, Gordon S.C. Wills
June 15, 1973