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Research papers

Realism in research

All surveys inherently contain a potentially deadly flaw - the act of completing a survey does not mimic the true consumer decision-making process. The use of 3D animation helps to mitigate this limitation, giving respondents a more realistic...

Catalogue: Congress 2008: Frontiers
Authors: Michael Richarme, John V. Colias
Company: Decision Analyst, Inc.
September 26, 2008

Research papers

Motivations to join

In a world where marketing messages are ubiquitous and consumers try to shield themselves from message proliferation by subscribing to do not call lists and using spam blockers, what hope do researchers have to meet the high sampling standards upon...

Catalogue: Panel Research 2006
Authors: Howard R. Moskowitz, Alex Gofman, Leyla Namiranian
Company: Decision Analyst, Inc.
October 8, 2006

Research papers

Brand engagement

This paper shows how research techniques were applied in an online environment to elicit deeper learning about brand and media engagement among teenagers. The paper focuses specifically on teens in China, Brazil, Mexico, and Russia and demonstrates...

Catalogue: Congress 2006: Foresight
Author: Leyla Namiranian
Company: Decision Analyst, Inc.
September 17, 2006

Research papers

What drives innovation?

An effort to understand innovation drivers - those factors that motivate and shape innovation efforts, and determine their success or failure - seemed to be a promising way to discover what factors make for success and failure in innovation.The...

Catalogue: Innovate 2006
Authors: Leyla Namiranian, Gwen Smith Ishmael, Renee Hopkins Callahan
Company: Decision Analyst, Inc.
May 10, 2006

Research papers

The case for in-the-box innovation

This paper describes a groundbreaking international case study proving that a much larger number of relevant, actionable, and original new product ideas can be generated by using creativity techniques that encourage 'in-the-box' thinking as opposed...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Conference 2005: Innovate!
Authors: Leyla Namiranian, Gwen Smith Ishmael
Company: Decision Analyst, Inc.
February 27, 2005

Research papers

Why DTC advertising has failed in the United States and how it can succeed

Since restrictions on direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising were loosened in 1997, spending on DTC advertising in the United States has quadrupled. Now the European Union may soon begin testing DTC advertising, but not much consumer research on DTC...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Global Healthcare 2002
Authors: Michelle Castillo, Renee Hopkins
Company: Decision Analyst, Inc.
February 17, 2002

Research papers

Is there such a thing as 'early adopters fatigue'?

Consumers must continue to adopt new technologies in order for the promise of 'convergence' to be realized and to continue driving the engines of the world's major economies. This presentation uses the 'Diffusion of Innovations' model to explore the...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Net Effects 5 2002
Authors: Leyla Namiranian, Renee Hopkins
Company: Decision Analyst, Inc.
February 3, 2002