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Research papers

Renewing the original bonds

Market research has its roots in psychological theory and method, but there is a growing gap between psychological understanding and market research practice.Marketers today often rely on implicit or naïve explanations rather than formal theories...

Catalogue: Congress 2006: Foresight
Author: David G. Bakken
September 17, 2006

Research papers

Car talk

Word of mouth is the hot topic in marketing these days. As reported by, spending on word of mouth marketing is projected to hit $1.3 billion (US$) in 2008. Interest in measuring and managing word of mouth communication about brands has...

Catalogue: Automotive 2008
Author: David G. Bakken
Company: Harris Interactive (Europe)
March 3, 2008

Research papers

Bridging the gap

A new insight framework based on four distinctive but overlapping types of insight: 'discovery' insights, 'predictive' insights, 'explanatory' insights and 'transformational' insights is explored in this presentation. Qual and quant techniques can...

Catalogue: Qualitative 2011: Embrace, Inspire And Celebrate!
Author: David G. Bakken
November 13, 2011

Research papers

Riding the value shift in market research

What is the biggest threat to the future of market research? This paper argues that deep, permanent changes in the competitive dynamics of market research are behind its growing commoditization and that of other trends like 'DIY' research. The...

Catalogue: Congress 2010: The Changing Face Of Market Research
Author: David G. Bakken
September 15, 2010

Research papers

Creating customer knowledge

Consumer insights do not arise from better data or information alone. Customer knowledge creation requires three important elements: a 'behavioral model' or theory of consumer behavior; continual fact-gathering; and revision of the theory as new...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Conference on Excellence in Consumer Insights 2004
Authors: David G. Bakken, Michael A. Lotti
Company: Harris Interactive (Europe)
April 18, 2004

Research papers

New Internet-driven choice modeling capabilities for global market research

This paper describes new choice-modeling capabilities that are enabled by Internet interviewing. Choice models implemented by means of "choice-based conjoint" trade-off exercises can now incorporate dynamic elements, such as customization of choice...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Technovate Conference 2003
Authors: David G. Bakken, James N. Nagel
Company: Harris Interactive (Europe)
January 26, 2003

Research papers

Lost in translation

The last decade has seen phenomenal growth in market research activity in emerging Asian markets; much of the growth has been driven by Western multinationals seeking to enter or extend their reach in Asian markets. In response, a dynamic Asia-based...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2013: Asia On The Move
Authors: Sue Siewert, David G. Bakken
April 7, 2013

Research papers

Design your own vehicle

This paper describes the application of a new method of assessing individual customer preferences in conjunction with choice-based conjoint analysis. While individual differences in preference can be estimated from choice data, this method captures...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Automotive Marketing Conference 2002
Authors: James H. Christian, David G. Bakken
Company: Harris Interactive (Europe)
March 4, 2002

Research papers

Cultural differences in consumer decision making

This paper seeks to determine whether research methods developed within a Western conceptual framework can be applied to understanding decision-making among Asian consumers.The authors focus on two methods with theoretical foundations in consumer...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2005
Authors: David G. Bakken, Vincent G. Breglio
Company: Harris Interactive (Europe)
March 13, 2005