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Research papers

A market research training simulation

Market research training must form a part of marketers' educational programmes if we want them to employ and value it when they gain the reins of power as their careers progress. But how to do so in a manner that both excites and motivates them, when...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Conference 2005: Innovate!
Authors: Jos Vervoort, Michael M. Roe
February 27, 2005

Research papers

Operation successful but patient dies

Does research assist or stifle innovation? This paper starts with an overview of the transfer of a revolutionary instant meal technology from Asia to Europe. A classically correct research programme but lacking interpretation and action by the...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1998: The Power Of Knowledge
Author: Michael M. Roe
September 1, 1998

Research papers

It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing

This paper will present an overview of a two-year development programme involving the transfer of a new, revolutionary instant meal technology from Asia to Europe. The novelty of the technology meant the planners could initiate a classical research...

Catalogue: Seminar 1995: Successful Product Engineering
Author: Michael M. Roe
June 15, 1995

Research papers

Pan-European economies of scale

The main thesis of this paper is that researchers are placing themselves in danger from their failure to realize the financial constraints of their clients when researching the new Europe. If researchers see pan-European studies as a profit goldmine,...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/ARF/JMA Conference 1992: Marketing And Research Under A "New World Order"
Author: Michael M. Roe
June 15, 1992

Research papers

Research in the 90's

The need exists to bring the individual back into the forefront of research, whether qualitative or quantitative. It is predicted that in the ’90’s, the mean score and the group discussion will decline in prevalence & disaggregated data...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1988
Authors: Michael M. Roe, Rory P. Morgan
September 1, 1988

Research papers

Brand mapping

Quest International is an Anglo-Dutch Company and one of the largest suppliers of fragrances to the worldwide consumer goods industry, having been formed recently through the merger of PPF International and Naarden International. PPF has been working...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/JMA/ARF Conference 1988: Innovation In Marketing, Advertising And Research
Authors: Juanita M. Byrne-Quinn, Michael M. Roe
June 15, 1988