Brand mapping


Quest International is an Anglo-Dutch Company and one of the largest suppliers of fragrances to the worldwide consumer goods industry, having been formed recently through the merger of PPF International and Naarden International. PPF has been working with RBL-Research International UK for a number of years on worldwide market and product mapping studies which illustrate how a standardised but highly diagnostic data collection and analysis procedure can be applied to study international brands in any market of the world. Few businesses are more internationally-based than the supply of fragrances to the world's fmcg companies. Although Quest is one step removed from the ultimate consumer, it is only by understanding the latter's relationship to brands that they keep the business of their own clients. Clearly Quest cannot match each of their client's worldwide research resources and budgets. Instead Quest must use its market research budget with considerable efficiency and skill in order to remain in touch with the worldwide consumer. Brand mapping enables them to do this.

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