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Research papers

Standard research products in industrial and professional markets

In recent years in the specialized sectors of B.V.A., I have been confronted with a complex problem common to diverse specific economic sectors. The major aim of the solutions sought was to provide advertisers responsible for advertising budgets very...

Catalogue: Seminar 1988: Business To Business Research
Author: Jean Pierre Ville
Company: BVA Group
June 15, 1988


French government: Nudge me tender

Ethnography lies at the heart of re-inventing and promoting customer-centric services. A keystone of behavioural economics, it inspires policy makers to re-design their actions for more efficient results with easy and cheap nudges. This paper...

Catalogue: Congress 2014: What Inspires?
Authors: Eric Singler, Etienne Bressoud, Françoise Waintrop, Richard Bordenave
Company: BVA Group
June 15, 2014

Research papers

Private sector housing for the very elderly? (French)

In 1986 B.V.A. conducted a study for a real estate developer on a complex of 200 flats for couples and single people in the Paris area. We interviewed people aged 65 - 85 with an income in proportion to such an investment. Apart from the...

Catalogue: Seminar 1989: The Untapped Gold Mine
Author: Geneviève Ville
Company: BVA Group
June 15, 1989

Research papers

How car advertising works?

Car advertising provides a privileged field to analyze how advertising works, given the weight of the investments, and the level of consumers' involvement. For 10 years, B.V.A. has collected data on several European countries on the impact of the...

Catalogue: Seminar 1995: Advertising, Sponsorship And Promotions
Authors: Michel Brulé, Gilbert Saporta
Company: BVA Group
June 15, 1995


Alice in customerland

Why the future of customer experience research will be more human-centeredYear 2027: customers are now craving more human care in data driven customer journeys. Envision how "augmented" research will take up the challenge through an imaginary...

Catalogue: Congress 2017: Visionary
Author: Richard Bordenave
Company: BVA Group
November 27, 2017

Research papers

Continuous advertising check

This paper concerns the data available on the effects of advertising on farmers, through the C.P.P. (Controle Publicitaire Permanent, or Continuous Advertising Check), a B.V.A. syndicated service. Following a brief introduction, which covers the size...

Catalogue: Seminar 1985: Agricultural Marketing Research in Europe
Author: Jean Michel Agostini
Company: BVA Group
June 15, 1985

Case studies

Innovation: Return to reality

This paper discusses innovation process performance in FMCG and blind spots in the classical research sequence. Using case studies, it demonstrates how a combination of relevant 'touch and feel' stimuli and behavioral research techniques can help...

Catalogue: Innovate 2010: Innovation Detonation
Authors: Michel Ten Donkelaar, Richard Bordenave
Companies: BVA Group, Kraft Heinz Company
November 16, 2010


Thought leadership from WIN: A French polling case study

This paper is a contribution by the WIN Network (international association gathering leading independent market research and polling firms in their respective countries), to discussions on changes in the polling industry. Drawing on...

Catalogue: Congress 2017: Visionary
Authors: Marion Dumas, Mirta Galesic, Adelaide Zulfikarpazic, Herve Tranger, Guillaume Inigo, Richard Bordenave
Company: BVA Group
November 10, 2017

Research papers

Prospective study on the future of agricultural distribution

The foreseeable changes in the agricultural world are likely to have repercussions in all sectors peripheral to agriculture and therefore on the distribution of agricultural products. We may suppose that the role of the distributor and his...

Catalogue: Seminar 1987: Identifying Change in European Agriculture
Author: Odile Peixoto
Company: BVA Group
June 15, 1987