Advertising for equality (Spanish)

Date of publication: May 14, 2018

Company: Facebook


Back in 2016, Facebook presented a meta-analysis to ABI aiming to share how its brands were performing on Facebook campaigns and what were the main opportunities to improve their presence in the platform. One of the main findings was that the female audience had on average lower levels of advertising recall for ABI brands. Analyzing all the creatives from these campaigns, it was clear that women were less represented in ABI's communication: in 50% of creatives, a male character was the main protagonist while only in 15% of ads, a female character was the main protagonist. With this evidence in hands, we decided to test if, by better representing women in advertising campaigns, communication could be more meaningful to this audience. The chosen brand for this test was Skol, a beer brand that has been embracing diversity as a core value. Skol was planning a new campaign to launch a new SKU, the mini returnable bottle, a more economic option to consumers.

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