Twitter and its conversational context (Spanish)

Date of publication: April 9, 2019

Catalogue: Latin America 2019

Companies: Arconte, Twitter


Digital life in our modern world has merged with the analog lives of people. The horizon of human relations, including their deepest needs and interests, has extended to the virtual space of the different social networks that have positioned themselves as the leading contact and communication platforms of our time. However, despite the fact that each social network offers potential for new contacts, brands do not always know how to take advantage of the opportunity to participate in people’s real conversations with organic and relevant proposals, thus begging the question: how can brands engage in countless spontaneous and ever-changing conversations? Twitter Mexico, Arconte Research and Sinnia set out to answer this question by conducting a joint research project on topics trending in Mexico between January and November 2017. The purpose was to generate actionable lessons and facilitate the insertion of brands on Twitter — the leading real-time platform. This paper presents the results of a journey that began with the detection and clustering of the most relevant conversations held over the course of a year in Mexico. It is followed by a cultural analysis of these conversations, centered on identifying their symbolic support and discursive rules to conclude with the creation of the framework that reflects the most recurrent conversational contexts on the platform, as well as the Rules of Engagement for any brand that aspires to engage in a live interaction in real-time, just like the conversations held on Twitter.

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