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Research papers

How others see us

This paper presents the results of a European study which examined the attitudes of the professional and managerial social classes in Belgium, France, Great Britain, The Netherlands and West Germany towards the image of countries and companies...

Catalogue: AMA/ESOMAR Conference 1979: It Won't Work Here
Author: Robert M. Worcester
March 1, 1979

Research papers

Consumer life-style and ethnocentrism

The objective of this paper is to investigate ethnocentric behavior of Azerbaijani and Kyrgyz consumers. Data for the study were collected through personal interviews in four districts of Bishkek-the capital city of Kyrgyzstan and Baku of Azerbaijan....

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1996: Changing Business Dynamics
Authors: Erdener Kaynak, Ali Kara
September 1, 1996

Research papers

Market potential

Deregulation is creating competition in the communications industry, allowing telephone service providers, media companies and other firms to offer everything from local telephone services to video-on-demand. Businesses are especially being targeted...

Catalogue: Seminar 1996: Telecommunications In A Dynamic Market Place
Authors: Steven H. Cohen, Donald A. Anderson, Jill Hesser
June 15, 1996

Research papers

Is Asia different?

In his book “Asia Rising”, Jim Rohwer describes Asia as a “bewildering amalgam of religions, races, cultures and languages, of rich and poor, and of advanced and backward.” The purpose of this paper is to find out whether market...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific Conference 1996: Marketing In Asia
Author: Roger Banks
November 1, 1996

Research papers

Advertising increases market shares and media mix achieves most

There are still controversial opinions on how to quantify the contribution of classical advertising to market success. The development of advertising-effect-formulas, considering the calculable relationship between advertising expenditures and market...

Catalogue: Seminar 1997: New Challenges And Opportunities For The Publishing Industry
Author: Adrian Weser
June 15, 1997

Research papers

A department store CSM study In Chile

The present document studies the advantages and benefits of the Customer Satisfaction Measurement (CSM) studies in a highly competitive market as is the case in the department store sector in Chile. In particular the benefits contributed by the...

Catalogue: Latin America 1999: Marketing In Latin America In The 21st Century
Authors: Mauricio Ordenes, Ramon Cavieres, Jaime Quezada
June 15, 1999

Research papers

The pharmaceutical business in the Middle East

The pharmaceutical market of the Middle East today is characterized by its complexity and inability to offer trends towards global thinking. The Gulf crisis has certainly helped to exacerbate differences, market by market, throughout the region. This...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Conference 1992: The Opportunity Factors To Business Success In The Post War Middle East
Author: Hocine Sidi Said
June 15, 1992

Research papers

The marketing problems in privatisation by means of initial public offering in Poland

Major economic changes are taking place in Poland, as in other East European countries. Privatisation of state owned enterprises is one of the most important elements of the economic reforms. Privatisation by means of Initial Public Offering (IPO) is...

Catalogue: Seminar 1993: Marketing Integration Of West And East Europe
Authors: David Westover, Maciej Radziwill
June 15, 1993

Research papers

The business climate in post Gulf War Saudi Arabia

The Gulf War had a profound impact on Saudi Arabia's political climate as well as its economic and market structures. Macro-economic dislocations have included sizeable budget deficits and dwindling financial reserves, not only due to the direct...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/MERF/IAA Conference 1994: Challenges And Opportunities For Research In The Middle East
Author: Nicos Rossides
January 1, 1994