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Research papers

Can Social Listening Obsolete All Other Research Methodologies?

This report showcases how Haleon (formerly GSK Consumer Healthcare), in an effort to stay ahead of the game on deep human understanding, has harnessed the exponential growth of data coming from social media and e-commerce with Semantiweb, a company...

Catalogue: Congress 2023
Authors: Nicolas Pochart, Pierre Antoine Dubosc
September 29, 2023

Research papers

Turning Tik Toks into Business Insight

Colart had a challenge. They needed to find new audiences and had a hunch that they could find them online; but where to start? Working together, we co-developed a first-of-its-kind, qualitative method of multi-source analysis.

Catalogue: Forecast. Forward. Faster
Authors: Jeremy Hollow, Jatin Kuckreja
Companies: Colart, Listen and Learn Research
February 28, 2023

Research papers

Sounds with Soul

In its visceral form, the purpose of advertising is to raise awareness of a brand or product and to achievesales. But brands are not created to be flavours of a season. Strong brands outlive generations bycontinuously evolving and remaining relevant....

Catalogue: Congress 2022: 75th Anniversary
Author: Ritanbara Mundrey
Company: Nestle
September 23, 2022

Research papers

Research papers

Anecdotal evidence for CX/UX

Based on the insights from two customers in India, the innovative UI design for improving new customer registration was first launched in India. As a result, we witnessed a 6% increase in new account creation, which in itself is a big win given the...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2020 - Insights Festival
Authors: Sonia Pall, Neha Arora
Companies: Karvy Insights Limited, Amazon
November 2, 2020

Research papers

Research in the wake of tragedy

This paper outlines the challenges of conducting qualitative research in the aftermath of a national tragedy. As the circumstances in which the research was conducted was traumatic for all involved, intense emotion work was required, especially in...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2020 - Insights Festival
Authors: Sandeep Dutta, Anjani Athukorala, Fiona Juriansz Munasinghe, Ramani Samarasundera
Companies: Kantar, Hemas Consumer Brands
November 2, 2020

Research papers

Across the rainbow

Talking about one's sexuality, across cultures, has always been considered a private affair. This can be particularly true when one is LGBTQ, given that acceptance of LGBTQ persons is a relatively new phenomenon in most countries, and Mexico - a...

Catalogue: Latin America 2020 - Insights Festival
Authors: David R. Morse, Gerardo Gallart, Susanna Fránek
Companies: New American Dimensions, La Fábrica de BTL, Ethnologix
October 19, 2020

Research papers

I don't know if I am allowed to say this but...

What is the best way to find out what people really think in this judgmental age? We asked people to share their views on a controversial subject in a number of different research approaches, pitching traditional approaches against new and...

Catalogue: Fusion 2019
Author: Peter Totman
Company: Jigsaw Research
November 10, 2019

Research papers

Quick qual manifesto

From ethnography to rapid ethnography to insights sprints, it seems like there is a constant request for faster results. How can we tackle this without compromising the essence of user-centered design? Quick Qual Manifesto aims to explain how.

Catalogue: Fusion 2019
Authors: Nasly Liliana Galindo Quiroga, Gabriel Escalante
Company: INSITUM
November 10, 2019