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Research papers


For youth marketers like Pepsi, social media is a potent tool to keep abreast of changing youth values, expressions and aspirations. While marketers realize the growing importance of tapping into youth conversations in channels outside of qualitative...

Catalogue: 3D Digital Dimensions 2012: (Online + Social Media + Mobile) Research
Authors: Rakesh Kumar, Madhumita Chakraborty
Companies: PepsiCo, KANTAR TNS Malaysia
November 6, 2012

Research papers

Protection or participation?

The objective of this paper is to highlight for organisations the specific contemporary challenges presented when carrying out research with children in a fast growing increasingly regulated with multi-platform environment. In doing so the paper aims...

Catalogue: Congress 2009: Leading The Way
Author: Agnes Nairn
September 22, 2009

Research papers

Boy culture

Why on earth would you invest time or money interviewing adults when your primary research objective is to understand boy culture? Perhaps it's because you recognize that such adults: namely, parents and teachers are part of the system of...

Catalogue: Consumer Insights 2009: The Pragmatic Approach
Author: Marsha E. Williams
February 11, 2009

Research papers

Three generations, one big market

India is big and India is young. Its size and its demographics, together with the growth potential that India's economy is showing, have made it a fashionable market.Marketers from across the world and within India are betting high on these two...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2008
Author: Dheeraj Sinha
April 9, 2008

Research papers

Circuits of cool

Teens and young adults around the world are multitasking like there's no tomorrow. Our diary research among over 8,000 15 to 24 year olds suggests at least four activities are being done at once. When we add up everything that young people are doing...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2008
Authors: Ian Stewart, Graham Saxton
Company: Viacom International Media Networks
April 9, 2008

Research papers

Europe's last dictatorship

As a media source striving to provide independent information to Belarusians, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) sought to understand the way young activists in this authoritarian country gather information so as to better target them.The...

Catalogue: Congress 2007: Excellence
Authors: Paul Tibbitts, Sarah Glacel
Company: InterMedia Survey Institute
September 19, 2007

Research papers

Catch them young...and watch them grow…

This paper provides a unique methodology that builds future growth in talent, revenue and reach in the market research industry of Asia Pacific, especially in emerging and under-developed markets.The pilot study uses secondary schools as hubs and...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2007
Author: Caz Tebbutt Dennis
Company: Tebbutt Research
March 12, 2007

Research papers

What's going on in your bedroom?

Can you imagine the response rate you would get as a 35 year old researcher asking an 18 year old girl if she would show you her bedroom? So when asked to develop a new retail concept for a furniture retailer we immediately understood we would need...

Catalogue: Retail 2007
Author: Philip De Wulf
Company: Ipsos MRBI
February 19, 2007

Research papers

Converging technology, diverging lives

Teenagers are often described as insatiable consumers who are at the forefront of the development of media and communication. However, there are other sides to the story. Always being connected and available can come at high price.Based on...

Catalogue: Telecom 2006
Authors: Erik Kruse, Mikael Bjorling, Fredrik Ohrfelt
October 8, 2006