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Research papers

Adding up to Survival

In the fight against climate change, the holy grail is net zero carbon emissions. Reaching net zero by 2050will require dramatic, tangible changes for which Canadians are ill-prepared. At the same time, the challengeof biodiversity loss risks being...

Catalogue: Congress 2022: 75th Anniversary
Authors: Sarah Roberton, James Boothroyd
Companies: Environics Research Group Ltd., EcoAnalytics
September 23, 2022

Research papers

Redesigning a brand tracker

Main impact:As the Latin Airline giants TAM and LAN merged, they faced a whole host of challenges ahead of them as they looked to restructure and gain efficiencies, whilst shaping a strategy for the new LATAM brand. They joined forces with MESH...

Catalogue: Latin America 2018: Market Intelligence Festival for Latin America
Authors: Marcello Garritano, Priscila Tavares
Company: MESH Experience
March 15, 2018

Research papers

The joy of research

Global brands are increasingly facing the challenge of gaining relevance in local cultures. While a ‘glocal’ approach seems the natural way to go, in reality, mapping local regions and developing a strategic approach for each while...

Catalogue: Congress 2016: #WOW
Authors: Adelina Vaca, Leticia Chárraga
September 22, 2016

Research papers

Time is on our side

"How Much Time Have We Got?" is an important presentation for:-Brands who want more of consumers' time but aren't sure how to get it;-Research practitioners who want to go from lots of data to a punchy deliverable, building key stats and analysis...

Catalogue: Congress 2016: #WOW
Authors: Ian Wright, David Benabo
Company: Tapestry
September 22, 2016

Research papers

The inspiration ecosystem

Unilever wished to invest in Comfort, the flagship fabric conditioner brand, to build a strong fragrance property. Ipsos UU partnered with Unilever on a unique NextGen Qual pilot that helped leveraging from across a variety of data and insight...

Catalogue: Big Data World 2016: Understanding People Through Smart Data
Authors: Ratna Pratik Thakar, Radhecka Roy
Company: Ipsos MRBI
June 15, 2016

Research papers

Recall or re-enact?

How much of a role does the search engine play in the online purchasing journey? What about social media, cyber influencers, and the e-commerce sites?As part of HP's pursuit to understand the customer's digital footprint, HP embarked on a partnership...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2016: Get Connected!
Authors: Ng Chong Hin, Evelyn Chok, Jinyu Lim, Nidhi Khanwalkar, Hui Xin Cheah
Company: Consulting Group - Asia Insight Pte. Ltd.
May 19, 2016

Research papers

A butterfly's wings: from chaos to opportunity

Today’s consumer juggles multiple devices and uses a diverse set of apps and services, spanning categories and brands, across work and life. Traditional ways of understanding consumer dynamics are insufficient for providing a true picture of a...

Catalogue: Congress 2015: Revelations
Authors: Reed Cundiff, Mike Egner, Kelsey Vaughn
Company: Ipsos MRBI
October 1, 2015

Research papers

Has customer centricity been lacking empathy all along?

Finding synergies among primary research and big data can feel like a dance of north-seeking magnets. Big data tends to focus on correlation (what, where, who), whereas market research historically focuses on causation (why). Gongos ajnd...

Catalogue: Congress 2015: Revelations
Authors: Sarah Phillips, Camille Nicita, Justin Smith, Susan Scarlet
October 1, 2015

Research papers

Innovation in customer feedback

Air France KLM and TNS will present the road taken to meet the high standards of modernity. Asking general satisfaction questions is no longer enough. After decades of satisfaction surveys, Air France KLM has finally turned a new page. Innovative...

Catalogue: Congress 2014: What Inspires?
Authors: Hans Zijlstra, Martijn van Keulen
Company: KANTAR TNS Malaysia
September 10, 2014