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Research papers

Vision Y

In 2013, Luxottica decided to re-create its vision for the future through the eyes of Millennials. The company has undertaken a new approach using market research tools to create a more open-source and two-way relationship with the Millennial...

Catalogue: Congress 2014: What Inspires?
Authors: Simona Sbarbaro, Giuseppe Tonolini
September 10, 2014


Kids of today and tomorrow (Spanish)

Research shapes our brands, inspires our content and helps us communicate with our audiences. Nickelodeon has undertaken the most detailed, far-reaching analysis to date of 9-14 year olds. Given the geographic scope of the study, we provide in-depth...

Catalogue: Latin America 2014: Accelerating Growth
Authors: Jo McIlvenna, Carlos Garcia
June 15, 2014

Research papers

The game-changing generation

Millennials are adopting new technologies and changing buying behaviors, resulting in challenges that brands need to tackle. Understanding Millennials required adapting the research approach: conducting the survey on smartphones, and more...

Catalogue: Congress 2016: #WOW
Authors: Patricia Dominguez, Joyce van Heeswijk, Julia Goernandt, Cori Deutsch, Nijat Mammadbayli
Company: SKIM
September 22, 2016

Research papers

Après nous le déluge?

The drumbeat of "change" in market research is everywhere. Wherever you look, whatever conference you attend and whatever you read, the message is the same: Change is here; change is real; and it is going to affect you and your business’. Often,...

Catalogue: Congress 2014: What Inspires?
Authors: Simon Chadwick, Reg Baker
September 10, 2014

Research papers

Getting close to youth

Based on new qualitative research, workshops and Viacom insights from 10 West, North and Central European markets, discover the five key themes in the lives of Millennials and how to use them both in marketing and in market research approaches. Is...

Catalogue: Global Qualitative 2014: Research Renaissance
Authors: Joeri Van den Bergh, Anneleen Boullart, Patrick Alders, Martijn Van Bijnen
Company: InSites Consulting
November 18, 2014

Research papers

How we became curators of cool

In this paper we deep dive into this continuous research cycle and its methodology using a specific target group as an example: The Tumblr-Generation. This young creative vanguard is arguably the most influential target group at the moment. Our paper...

Catalogue: Global Qualitative 2015: Creative! Collaborative! Cool!
Authors: Els Dragt, Pernille Kok-Jensen
Company: MARE
November 18, 2015