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Research papers

Research papers


Application of NUDGE to improve re-launch success

I mean, we didn't have this luxury when we were looking at the relaunch in 2016. You know we needed to take grant that we had ...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2018: Data Research Insights Vision Excellence
Author: Ramanathan Vythilingam
Company: Unilever
May 13, 2018


Remaining human in a world of AI

And you could think of a continuum in terms of low complexity of your coding to a high complexity of AI coding. The low complexity ...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2020 - Insights Festival
Author: Ramanathan Vythilingam
Company: Unilever
November 2, 2020



a business that did not want to go online because you know, we want customers to come to us. That's how it's a membership subscription ...

Catalogue: Webinars 2021
Authors: Gigi Leung, Disha Bhatnagar, Ramanathan Vythilingam, Cristiane Ross
Companies: Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, Pure Group, AirAsia
July 27, 2021


Revue Française du Marketing (Juin/Juillet 2016)

Ramanathan S., Rizley R., Holland S. et Morrissey S. (2016) - Mobile Shopper Marketing : key Issues, Current Insights...

Catalogue: ADETEM: Revue Française du Marketing
Author: ADETEM
Company: ADETEM
July 1, 2016