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Research papers

Market research in mainland China

Since China started with its economic reforms and its more open policy in 1979 its economy has grown vigorously. The annual gross national product grew enormously and also the per capita gross national product between 1989 and 1994 grew by nearly 9 %...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific Conference 1996: Marketing In Asia
Authors: Ding Yi, Wulf Schlund
November 1, 1996

Research papers

Electronic computers, marketing models and commercial management (French)

Informatics and integrated data processing are foremost in the minds of company managers who want to keep on making their decisions in a quickly changing business world. The use of the electronic computer has added a new dimension to the...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1968
Authors: Louise Perruche, Pierre Jourdan
June 15, 1968

Research papers

The evolution of marketing

This paper proposes that marketing in different product sectors and in different national cultures changes over time in a consistent and predictable way. The progress from commodity selling to post-modern marketing is based on evolutionary...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1999: The Race For Innovation
Author: Mary Goodyear
September 1, 1999

Research papers

Pop-up surveys

The pop-up survey has been one of the most positive contributions to web site research in the brief history of Internet research. The technique became widely used after the pioneering work of Micael Dahlen (1998) on the Swedish web site Passagen. So...

Catalogue: New Monograph Series Vol.10: Marketing Research in a .com Environment
Author: Pete Comley
June 15, 2000


Research World (February 2001)

Fifty leaders of the marketing research industry have initiated a network of research users and providers from around the world. On 15 and 16 January 2001, research industry leadership gathered for the first time in Geneva, Switzerland. The Research...

Catalogue: Research World 2001
Author: ESOMAR B.V.
February 1, 2001

Research papers

Motivational studies in market research

Motivational research is a wide-open field, which corresponds to the needs of our time. As such, it is indispensable, even if, just because its nature is exploratory and future-oriented and, at the same time, sensitive to the needs of the present, it...

Catalogue: The European Marketing Research Review 1969
Author: Francesco Alberoni
August 1, 1969

Research papers

Report-back from group III

After this introduction the discussion followed by talking about the validity in the panel results (over-representing versus under-representing) . Are the members writing down everything? This is one of the key-problems when talking about the...

Catalogue: Seminar 1972: Panels
Author: Nils Röhme
June 15, 1972

Research reports

Review of literature on taste and smell

This paper sets out to provide a broad review of theliterature on taste and smell. The area has been dividedinto two main sections. The first half of the review centers around the psychophysical aspectsof taste and smell. The second half of the...

Catalogue: CRAM/Peter Cooper Archive Collection
Author: CRAM/Peter Cooper Archive
April 1, 1974

Research papers

Marketing research in Western European capitalistic countries

This paper tries to make a sketch of the general frame in which Marketing Research operates, and draw some conclusions on its means, possibilities and difficulties. The tendencies which are nowadays in development in Europe are then succinctly...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/WAPOR Congress 1973: The Application Of Market And Social Research For More Efficient Planning
Author: Jean S. Sugdury
June 15, 1973