Brand equity

Date of publication: March 1, 1996


The success of some of the dominant consumer brands in the Middle East market has to a large degree been achieved through nurturing their brand values in a manner that is consistent with the traditions and cultures of its people. This has been coupled with a consideration for the region’s rate of development. Often manufacturers and marketers have sought to merely impose a set of Western values and have attempted to use marketing initiatives tried and tested within the context of more mature markets. The disadvantages of such an approach can be immense. This paper will seek to examine this issue in greater depth. Although no single case study will be quoted, key product markets have been selected for discussion. Many of our conclusions are drawn from our extensive experience of the Gulf region and from a host of relevant research studies conducted over the last decade. Prior to examining this issue in greater depth, it is necessary to theoretically explain and define the concept of brand equity and its' relevance in the Middle East.

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