Inca Kola reconnection strategy

Date of publication: October 19, 2020


Identifying with the true Peruvian - their background, that which is evident with each tasty meal of unique seasoning, that which knows resilience and to overcome any obstacle in order to move forward with ingenuity. "Who" that the Peruvian is, Inca Kola understood perfectly from its beginnings. The brand captured what fills the Peruvian with pride - from the choice of name inspired by the millenary culture that underlies Peruvians, to its flavour which is the perfect combination of native flavours from this prodigal land. The challenge for the brand is to reach the essence of the Peruvian on a daily basis, remain strong in a changing society and gain influence when the Peruvian struggles because of particular situations that put their values in check and make them question their legacy. Therefore, the brand needs to build a foundational, important and individual story that leverages the communal identity of the Peruvian, while at the same time endowing it with solid points of conviction that make it feel its own.

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