Methods of brand image research (French)

Date of publication: June 15, 1960

Author: N. J. Squirrell


The second major application of brand, image study, to which the rest of this talk is devoted that of diagnosis of the brand situation in the market. Nobody is ever satisfied with their brand there is always room for improvement. What is the diagnosis? Where do we go-next in marketing policy on the brand? Here we are chiefly concerned with the validity of the, analysis For answers to our question we look to, the whole range of consumer perceptions of the brand’s place in. the market. But from any study we set up, we expect results from which policy can be developed. Policy may move in one of two main directions: it may be aimed at moulding, the product to what looks like a more profitable image, or it may be aimed at moulding consumers' perceptions, notably through advertising, towards a view of the product more in keeping with the brand target.

N. J. Squirrell


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