Providing guidance for decisions regarding labor market policy: The influence growing scepticism of technology has upon the choice of engineering as a field of study (German)

Date of publication: June 15, 1983


The Allensbach investigation on the impact growing scepticism toward technology has upon the choice of engineering as a field of study at first glance seems to represent a case where the original question is already outdated by the time the results have been published due to new developments in the interim; upon closer examination it is shown, however, that a short-term positive change in the situation only serves to conceal a long-term danger. The Allensbach study shows that the information campaign on job opportunities in technical occupations that was originally planned by the Baden-Wurttemberg state government was not necessary because the message had already reached younger people facing the choice of an occupation. One effect of the overall change of values since the early 1960s, however, has been that the study of engineering and the engineering profession do not fit into the general trend of the times, and that the basic expectations of young people run counter to these fields. Important consequences for educational policy result from this fact, as do suggestions for measures that appear to be suited to promote an attitudinal change in the long run.

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