The influence of green politics on the common agricultural policy

Date of publication: June 15, 1992

Author: Jean Lambert


This four-part paper looks at the context within which the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) of the European Community (EC) is set; the alternative ideas of the Greens and the way in which they seek to influence policy. Introduction looks at the growing criticism of the and then looks at the changing global context within which it is now operating. It argues that given increasing political and ecological instability (particularly global warming) the CAP cannot cope. The second part explains the fundamental tenets of Green Politics the emphasis on sustainability, its inter generational nature and its alternative view of economic Reals. The CAP is then examined in the light of that Perspective and found to be seriously wanting. The Green Alternatives, based on long-term thinking, are then put forward. Third section looks at how Greens work to influence the development of policy, through direct political influence in Parliaments and through a network of alliances. The paper concludes that, although Green influence may appear weak at present, it is likely to increase as public Awareness grows and the planet continues to "canvass for the Greens".

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