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Brands that make me smile

Researchers are increasingly collecting user-generated content as part of the research process. This presentation highlights the problems encountered when using selfie photographs (selfies) to measure in-the-moment responses towards brands, focusing...

Catalogue: Global Qualitative 2014: Research Renaissance
Author: Pete Comley
Company: Join the Dots InSites Consulting
June 15, 2014


(Wo)man VS. machine: From competition to collaboration

Cost and speed are key issues for qual yet clients increasingly expect video. How do we bridge this gap? Which corners can be cut? This session offers practical insights for qualitative researchers struggling to identify if, how and when to automate.

Catalogue: Global Qualitative 2017: Back to the future
Author: Samantha Bond
Company: SKIM
January 11, 2017


How ad Blocking and ad fraud impact measurement

Ad fraud is an ever increasing curse of digital advertising. It is caused by bots that cause webpages and ad impressions to load and make fake clicks. This fraudulent activity "messes up" measurement, which means the business decisions made based on...

Catalogue: Seminar 2016: Media Return on Investment
Author: Augustine Fou
June 15, 2016


Measurement and definitions are inseparable

We cannot measure properly, if we don’t know what we want to measure. It sounds so simple and it looks boring to pay attention to the issue of definitions in media and market research. But we run into useless discussions if we do not understand...

Catalogue: Seminar 2016: Media Return on Investment
Author: Leendert van Meerem
June 15, 2016


Illicit trade (Spanish)

Despite the efforts of global organisations, governments and companies in controlling illicit trade, the phenomenon continues to be a latent threat for the global economy. According to the World Economic Forum, the global value of illicit trade and...

Catalogue: Latin America 2016: Research Renovation
Author: Lourdes Alvarez-Chavarria
Company: Euromonitor International
June 15, 2016


Telling visual tales

“Most other businesses are very organised and have a thorough understanding of how you present yourself and how you present data, and how important it is, but it struck me that the research industry generally didn't- Martin Lambie-Nairn, Graphic...

Catalogue: CEE Research Forum 2014: East Connection
Author: Mateusz Galica
June 15, 2014


Social cooling

As oil lead to Global Warming, data leads to Social Cooling. Comparing these two problems is not just intended as a warning. It offers hope, a blueprint for how to deal with this issue, and a deeper understanding of what it means to be human in our...

Catalogue: Fusion 2018 (Big Data World + Global Qualitative)
Author: Tijmen Schep
November 11, 2018


How many people said that?

Establishing what drives behaviour, motivates change, or what a future might look like, is not as simple as asking people the question. To address different kinds of questions qualitative market research generates different kinds of data, uses...

Catalogue: Qualitative 2013: Brilliant Transformations
Author: Jon Chandler
June 15, 2013


Qualitative research and neuroscience

To be able to pinpoint the relationship between qualitative research and neuroscience in accessing and exploring the unconscious thoughts and emotions of consumers, there are a number of fundamental misconceptions that need to be cleared up.Taking a...

Catalogue: Congress 2014: What Inspires?
Author: Georges Guelfand
June 15, 2014