Supplier-client collaboration make MR better place

Date of publication: May 13, 2018


As in everywhere in the world, the relationship between Japan MR suppliers and clients has always been the same. Clients put issues on the table to call for solutions, suppliers develop and provide solutions, and clients assess to see if they are acceptable or not. Neither end is satisfied with it. Suppliers complain that clients are not open to new ideas, while clients do so by saying that suppliers do not come up with ideas fitting to their particular problems. Clients are claiming the supplier quality is getting worse, while suppliers are responding that clients want cheaper solutions. Acknowledging the dissatisfaction, a group of Japanese clients and MR firms voluntarily got together and formed a group to discuss the problems and issues common across the industry. The presentation will inspire the audience to start changing their mind-set on both the roles shared by and the relationship between suppliers and clients in the MR industry, illustrating what was done by the initiative in the Japanese MR society, driven by a group of industry leaders from both suppliers and clients getting together to make proposals for primary issues and problems in the industry.

Naoki Takahashi


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