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Research papers

The emergence of business omnibus services

This paper seeks to describe the conditions which have led to the emergence of various business omnibus services in the UK. It describes the change in British industrial activity which has led to new product development which in turn has led to new...

Catalogue: Seminar 1988: Business To Business Research
Author: Linda Nathan
Company: Marplan Forschungsgesellschaft mbH
June 15, 1988

Research papers

The use of micro-simulation models in the development and positioning of new and existing pharmaceutical and O.T.C. products

The objective of this paper is to explain the use of micro- simulation models in different types of marketing problems. When and how should they be used, what are the practical requirements of such surveys and what sort of solutions to marketing...

Catalogue: Seminar 1987: Pricing And Forecasting In Pharmaceutical Industry
Author: Ingrid Leyssens
Company: Marplan Forschungsgesellschaft mbH
June 15, 1987

Research papers

The image of a Western European country and its products in Japan

The Italian Institute for Foreign Trade (ICE) is a public organisation whose institutional tasks concern the promotion of the image of Italy and the development of foreign trade. At the time of the study the trade exchange between Italy and Japan was...

Catalogue: ARF/ESOMAR/JMA Seminar 1986: Marketing, Advertising And Research
Authors: Paolo E. Mazzoletti, Robert J. Wilk
Company: Marplan Forschungsgesellschaft mbH
June 15, 1986

Research papers

How research is used to solve industrial marketing problems

We all know from our experience that amongst companies selling to non-consumer markets there is a wide divergence in the importance assigned to market research, the resources devoted to it and the way in which it is used, It was in order to quantify...

Catalogue: Seminar 1986: Problem Solving In Industrial Marketing
Author: Janet Levin
Company: Marplan Forschungsgesellschaft mbH
June 15, 1986

Research papers

Competitor analysis by patient monitoring

The development of market research and marketing shows us that, based on a series of market research results, the patient is playing an ever larger role in the marketing strategies of the pharmaceutical industry. We can see that the patient receives...

Catalogue: EPHMRA/ESOMAR Seminar 1985: Pharmaceutical Competitor Analysis
Authors: Ingrid Köpl, Gerd Bögel
Company: Marplan Forschungsgesellschaft mbH
February 27, 1985

Research papers

A comparative assessment of the costs and benefits of single location and multiple location telephone interviewing for multi-national research

The aim of this paper is to assess the comparative costs and benefits of single location and multiple location telephone interviewing for multi-national research projects. Special attention is paid to studies involving two or more European countries,...

Catalogue: ICC/ESOMAR Symposium 1984: International Marketing Research
Author: Nick H. Sparrow
Company: Marplan Forschungsgesellschaft mbH
June 15, 1984

Research papers

The use of transactional analysis in the development of a new brand's personality

We have attempted to address in an approach to measurement we have called 'Brand Diagnosis'. Our objectives in doing so were to combine the 'divergence' of a qualitative research methodology with a method of analysis which would simulate the...

Catalogue: Seminar 1983: New Product Development
Authors: Max Blackston, Margaret Holmes
Company: Marplan Forschungsgesellschaft mbH
November 2, 1983

Research papers

Marketing long haul holidays to Australia

This paper is concerned with the use of market research to adjust the marketing stance of the Australian Tourist Commission in the light of changing conditions in their main European markets, so that the appeal of Australia is maximised as a long...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1982: Fitting Research To Turbulent Times
Authors: John Goldsworthy, Chris Friend, Judy Morrell
Company: Marplan Forschungsgesellschaft mbH
June 15, 1982

Research papers

Direct access panel

This paper highlights the lack of attention that has been given to the interviewing process for the past two decades; and describes the kind of problems that arise continually under current interviewing procedures. The results of a survey of...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1980: Taking Stock
Authors: John Clemens, Colin Day, Debbie Walter
Company: Marplan Forschungsgesellschaft mbH
September 1, 1980