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The sensory safari

An interactive session packed with sensory tests for you to experience first hand the impact of sensory marketing and research on consumer behavior and perception.

Catalogue: Sensory Forum 2015: Marketing Meets Science
Author: Ludovic Depoortere
June 15, 2015

Research papers

Accommodation and flexibility

At the outset, advances in electronic publishing proved to be a boon to print publishers. Computerized typesetting and similar developments permitted us to deliver a more attractive product on a more timely basis, and with a savings in labor costs....

Catalogue: Seminar 1981: Publishing in the 1980's
Author: Samuel A. Wolpert
June 15, 1981

Research papers

The Internet and the future of advertising

This paper is a general postulation of the Internet as the newest medium of advertising. It discusses brief comparisons to traditional forms of advertising and the expected role of the Internet in the future. In addition, it exerts the importance of...

Catalogue: Seminar 1997: New Challenges And Opportunities For The Publishing Industry
Author: Barry Salzman
June 15, 1997

Research papers

Internet as a marketing tool for operators and vendors in the telecommunication industry

As online marketing activities are growing and becoming an essential part of the overall marketing approach it is important to measure effectiveness of this new media in terms of its impact on sale, with respect to traditional marketing media.

Catalogue: ESOMAR Net Effects 1999
Authors: Massimo De Sanctis, Simona Collová
June 15, 1999

Research papers

Qualitative effects of media on advertising effectiveness

This study presents a quantitative examination of the qualitative impact of print media, both newspaper and magazine, on advertising effectiveness.Previous research has identified 39 distinct qualitative experiences involved in reading magazines and...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/ARF WAM Conference 2004: Print
Authors: Bobby Calder, Edward Malthouse
June 15, 2004

Research papers

Do new digital media change deeply ingrained behaviors in European digital consumers?

This paper describes various pieces of research carried out to explore the impact of new digital media on information gathering habits of digital consumers in the main European countries.In particular, the author looks at one of the fastest growing...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Conference on Digital Futures 2005
Author: Idalina Cappe de Baillon
March 1, 2005