Turning shopper insights into company-wide memes

Date of publication: December 29, 2017

Catalogue: Webinars 2017

Author: Tom De Ruyck


Impact is the name of the game in Market Research. There are two critical success factors to activate an organization with the outcome of research; a co-creative platform where employees can interact with the insights and a research method that generates immersive data to feed in this platform. Dannon has set up Consumer Activation Studio, a cross-department collaboration platform where employees are inspired to interact with the research results and turn shopper insights into concrete ideas, stronger brands and future-proof business concepts. Feeding this platform is the "Healthy Minded People community", a tribe of almost 100 shoppers across 7 retailers in the US taking part in mobile ethnography, shopper safaris and ideation challenges.

Tom De Ruyck


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